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Help Needed - 1.8 Tdci (Sorry Long Post)

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#1 brooks52

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Posted 28 December 2015 - 09:36 PM

Hi All

I bought a 2009 1.8 TDCI a few months back and have had multiple issues with it. I'll start by listing what I have done:

Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Oil, TerraClean (snakeoil...), injector 4 replaced, EGR blanked with a solid plate, replaced the right angle turbo pipe as was cracked.

The issue is around 1800-2200 RPM the car runs like crap. It starts jerking, hardly responds to throttle adjustment and occasionally loses all power and gives engine malfunction warning. When that happens I have no choice to stop and restart a few times to clear before power comes back. Also I can blip the throttle in neutral and all is fine, but then other times nothing happens until I hold for a second or two. This also means when pulling out sometimes I have no power for a split second!

When injector 4 was replaced it got a bit better and seemed to stop malfunctioning, but it did get a lot louder and rattles more. It was ok like that for about 1 month, now it has thrown a wobbler (malfunctioned and died) again and I am getting the same error code in injector 3!

Local mechanic is stumped and he even tried his Ford Technical helpline and they could only suggest EGR as before injector 4 was replaced at 1800rpm it would fire out a load of crappy thick grey smoke until revs went up or down.

I really like the car but I don’t want to end up throwing thousands at it, has anyone had issues like this before?

EDIT: Car only has 32,000 miles and I always use shell fuel.

Would it be best to go to Ford Dealership or a Diesel Specialist?

#2 Daz158

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Posted 29 December 2015 - 06:48 PM

I would look at a diesel specialist as ford will spend your money like it's confetti.  On my 1.8 tdci 2009 with 99k on the clock I have had an intermittent misfire every now and again. I have just changed the fuel filter which was black and sludged up. The filter was that gunged up it was a struggle to even suckling air through it. I have used car today and it's currently OK.  I would get a leak test done to see if any injector is playing up and pump pressure test. A diesel specialist should do this.


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Posted 27 May 2017 - 07:52 AM

I had a few issues with my 1.8 TDCI. If you search my posts you'll find it.

BUT... i'd look at the high pressure fuel pump AND the petrol tank sender unit.

Both were changed on mine and that sorted the issue.

BE WARNED! It's pricey :(