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Hvac Making High Pitched Whistle

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#1 Dickybeau

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Posted 27 January 2016 - 10:22 PM

Hi all, I recently picked up a 64 plate 2l tdci * * * * x. Love the car but it has one annoying problem - the HVAC makes a high pitched whistle on some settings. If climate control is on, the whistle occurs between 22 and 24.5 degs C but only when engine is warm. Any other setting and no whistle. When set to manual the whistle occurs in the same temp range. It can be stopped by setting the air flow to windscreen only. The car is still under warranty but dealer doesn't seem interested. Ford will apparently cover the repair of any fault but not the dismantling of the dash to find it. Some nonsense that the dash comes under TRIM and is only covered for a year. Anyone else experienced this noise? I also noticed that with climate control on, no air comes out of the dash vents unless the temp is set below 20 degs. Not sure if this is normal or not.