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New Car, Few Issues?

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#1 adam_v64

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Posted 03 July 2019 - 05:50 PM

Hi Folks, I hope you can help advise me

I've recently got me a new 2010 focus estate (1.8TDCi MK2.5 facelift), after my last Focus' timing chain went on the motorway at 184k. Ive had Focuses for years but only lurked here till now

The new car is ex fire service, and has only 34k mileage, and overall great condition. Handling etc very tight, feels like new, clutch lovely.

Since ive had it I've noticed a few differences between this and my last Focus which had the same engine, which are concerning me.

1) After switch off, what sounded like a fan spinning was audible on my last car, you could hear it spinning down after the engine stopped (turbo fan?). When I switch this one off, nothing, engine stops with nothing else I can hear spinning down.

2) between 1500 and 2000 RPM when lightly accelerating, SOMETIMES it feels a bit....juddery. Like the acceleration isn't smooth. Put your foot down and it gets past it. Its more noticeable going up hill if anything and doesn't happen all the time. Its quite slight and my local garage said they couldn't find any fault on the test drive.

3) Aux power circuit shorted, cig lighter dead and blows fuse. I suspect wiring and will sort this myself, im guessing the old lights and siren weren't very well decommed - the siren amp is still under the passenger seat!

Anything you can advise I check for the first 2 points? Im trying some injector cleaner and might look at EGR cleaning.


#2 E TEA 66

E TEA 66

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Posted 03 July 2019 - 07:49 PM

Never had a Focus diesel so can't refer to past experience however unfortunately their could be a number of issue's for the judder from my experience it can some times be a faulty maf or extra air getting drawn in some where like the crank case breather pipe due to a split or the fuel filter may need replacing but seeing it's a diesel the egr maybe sooted up or possibly you could have turbo issue .

Sorry I can't be more help but theirs bound to be another member come along who can be more helpful .