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Basic Car Washing Guide

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Posted 31 August 2008 - 10:08 PM

Basic car washing/drying kit

2 Buckets
Grit Guard (optional but a good idea)
2 Wash mitts  (one should preferably be lambs wool the other can be synthetic)
Shampoo (Meguiars/Autoglym are a good place to start)
Microfibre drying towel
Quick Detailer spray (optional but helps with drying)
Wheel cleaner
Wheel cleaning brush/sponge

It's not advisable to wash your car in direct sunlight and/or while the pain work is hot/warm to the touch.....  No only do you tend to get smears and streaks where it dries too quickly, when the paint is warm it's also softer and more easy to damage ;-)

It's a good idea to get the wheels clean first.  Do one at a time, give them a good soaking, apply wheel cleaner and clean with wheel brush/sponge then rinse (may take a couple of attempts to get rid of all dirt) and rinse off.  If you've got an old brush/sponge you can clean the wheel arches at this point too.

When you've cleaned the wheels, fill one bucket with clean water and insert grit guard, fill the other with shampoo.

Preferably using a hose, thoroughly soak the vehicle (good idea to flip all wipers up at this point)

Once the car is wet, start washing from the roof downwards, rinsing the wash mitt in the grit guard bucket before loading it with more shampoo.  Try to work in straight lines and avoid circular motions.

Personally, I find it easier to wash my focus like this:

Roof (one side at a time)
Doors, tailgate & wings from window line to bump strips/bumper line

Switch to second wash mitt to clean the rest of the car

It's important to keep the car wet whilst washing it, do not let any parts dry.  It's a good idea to give each section a quick soaking once you've washed it.

When you've washed every panel, rinse the car down using a spray from the hose and once all the shampoo has been removed, remove the hose spray rinse with an open hose.

Then pat dry with a decent microfibre drying towel.