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#21 cc-3

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Posted 17 June 2004 - 10:51 AM

Forum Name : peter312
Age : 40 (oh no, am I the oldest here!!!)
Car : 03 TDCi 115 Ghia Estate - Magnum Grey
Location: Cheshire
Mods: None yet - car came with heated leather seats, self levelling suspension, reverse parking sensors


#22 Shell

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Posted 27 June 2004 - 06:29 AM

REAL NAME: Shelley
AGE: 24 years young
CAR: 5 door, 53 reg, TDCi Sport
MODS SO FAR: Being only 2 days at home with her mummy, not every many. ST grille, sprayed in machine silver, Clear side repeaters and the trusty NorthWestffocers sticker (awaiting ffoc one :) )
MODS TO COME: i wont bore you with a whole list, but the first things to be done are colour coding, lowering springs and a bigger spoiler. The rest will be done as and when.

I love the car to bits already and i am getting used to the torque (not that hard to do though is it hehe) Its a great drive and i am glad i have made this choice.

Look forward to reading the secton more now and chatting to yous all.

Shelley.x. :)

#23 DarkSi

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Posted 30 June 2004 - 09:43 PM

Real Name: Simon
Forum Name: DarkSi
Age: 25
Car: TDCi Sport
Colour: Imperial Blue
Mods: Silver tax disc holder, clear side repeaters, Black Magic rear light clusters, Steeda A/C knobs, Silver SVT A/C dials, painted the wheels Magnum Grey

Some pictures now posted at http://www.ffoc.co.u...pic.php?t=69254

Mods to come:
Colour coding rubbing strips, de lock & colour code door handles, Eibach lowering springs
After that, who knows!?

#24 Neil

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Posted 22 August 2004 - 02:47 PM

Real Name: Neil
Forum Name: Neil
Age: 28
Car: TDCi Sport
Colour: Panther black
Mods: None yet! Don't even have the car yet, picking it up on Sat. :D
Planned mods: Eibach springs, clear indicators, colour coding, st170 spoiler, giha wiper, 206 rear wiper, silver ac suround, Bluefin. 8)

#25 Guest_M-Jayce_*

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Posted 25 August 2004 - 07:08 PM

Real Name: Martin
Forum Name : M-JAYCE
Age: 30
Car: Not for nicking!!!
Colour: unwashed.

Mods: Anti chav scum theft device, anti bamboo stick'n'magnet device on letter box, east european mafia ready baseball bat with nails in, large 450cc golf driver at side of bed, large hunting knife/machete;machine sharpened and at the ready!!!

Future Mods: As if I'd mention it on this forum!!!

#26 Si

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  • LocationMargam, Near Port Talbot

Posted 25 August 2004 - 10:40 PM

Real Name: Simon
Forum Name: Si
Age: 40 last month, yes I know I'm old...so stop laughing
Car: 1.8 TDCi (115ps) LX Estate
Colour: machine Silver
Location: Margam near Port Talbot
Mods: Black sunstrip with FOCUS logo, and clear side repeaters, it's my company car so can't do anything major.

#27 NJTDCiSport

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  • LocationHerts, Car: Focus ST2 blue

Posted 10 September 2004 - 01:14 PM

Real Name: Neil
Forum Name: NJTDCiSport
Age: 23
Car: 1.8 TDCi (115ps) sport 04
Colour: imp blue
Location: Herts
Mods: ermmmmm let me think humm ST Headlights, ST gearstick top ST silver door handles modded rear bumper thanks to a nova that could not stop. more to come soon i hope  :D  :D  :D

#28 mcc_sport

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Posted 10 September 2004 - 02:06 PM

Real Name: Matt
Forum Name: mcc_sport
Age: 18
Car: 53 tdci sport 3dr 115
Colour: Black
Location: Exeter, south west
Mods: none had the car 6 days am i the youngest on here?[/img]

#29 cav-mad-gav

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  • LocationNottingham: Drives: 3door TDCi

Posted 20 September 2004 - 01:31 PM

Real Name: Gavin
Forum Name: cav-mad-gav
Age: 19
Car: 03 TDCi (115) 3 door
Colour: Pepper Red
Location: Nottingham
Mods: Sod all
Planed Mods: We'll see how it goes, hopefully turn it from Zetec spec to ghia (interior wise)

#30 TDDI_Nut

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Posted 20 September 2004 - 03:14 PM

Real Name: Neil
Age: 26
Car: 'Y' reg TDDi 5 door Zetec in Panther Black
Location: West Sussex
Mods: Bird shit and baby seat
Planed Mods: Assuming the nipper don't take all my money, alloys and suspension at least, maybe even some tints.

#31 TDCi-Phil

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Posted 20 September 2004 - 08:15 PM

Real Name: Phil
Age: 53 going on 23
Car: 02 reg TDCi 5 door Zetec Neptune Green
Location: Rochdale
Mods: Lowered on Eibachs, Green Stuff pads, Bluefin, TSW Pace 17" Alloys, K&N panel filter
Planned Mods: Free-flow zorst and more cold air from somewhere to try'n cure the smoke

#32 Guy Focus

Guy Focus
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  • LocationNorth East Scotland

Posted 29 October 2004 - 05:37 PM

Real name : Mal
Age : 33
Car : 03 Reg TDCi Zetec Estate
Colour : Silver
Location : Aberdeen
Mods : None. Just got it an hour ago
Planned mods : I'll push the boat out and put on some clear side repeaters for now

#33 Roady

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  • LocationMid-Wales, UK Focus: '53 TDCi Sport

Posted 08 November 2004 - 03:58 PM

Real name: Haydn
Age: 24
Car: '53 TDCi Sport 3 door
Colour: Magnum Grey
Location: Mid-Wales/nr Hereford

Mods: Still paying off the overdraft (changed from '02 TDCi Zetec) normal sport stuff - 17" MP3's, Half-Leather seats, ST fogs

Future Mods: de-lock, lecky mirrors, top rear brake cover, smoked sides, smoked rears, ST smoked fronts, lowered -35 on Eibach, 206/saxo rear wiper, ghia light & stalk, lockwood upper and lower

Mods maybe in the future: Still yet to find a bodykit i like (closest atm is Delta 5), really want twin exhaust but that'll sting the bank... better discs (ST's?) and a DVD/touchscreen head unit... Female passenger who doesn't complain about my driving while doing makeup/spilling drinks  :shock:

#34 cheeks

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Posted 09 November 2004 - 09:19 PM

Forum Name : Cheeks
Real Name : Martyn
Location : Basildon Essex

Age :over 40 and under 42

Car Focus Edge Tdci(115) 54  but personal plate (W)

Colour Vitro

Mods: K&N Panal filter looking into a tandem,Delocked, Clear side repeaters, Blue Xenon bulbs in all front lights,6006 head unit, two kids in the back. :lol:

and A TOWBAR well I tow a caravan  :?

#35 TSR

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  • LocationDarkside, West London

Posted 15 December 2004 - 10:45 AM

forum name: TSR
real name: Bob
age: 20
car: '04 Moondust silver, TDCi ghia, 5 door
location: London

mod's: 18" Imitation splitties, dropped 35mm, crystal side repeaters, colour coded bumper strips, Xenons(these were standard) :lol: & Most Recently K&N Panel Filter.
Coming soon - ST170 fogs, Lower grill, Boot spoiler, Pegeot 406 Wiper, and some ICE, Funds permitting - POWER MASTER :twisted: .

#36 DennisTheMenace

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Posted 20 December 2004 - 09:51 PM

forum name: DennisTheMenace
real name: Denny
age: 29
car: 54 reg Moondust silver TDCi ghia 5 door
location: West Dorset
mod's: Alpine sat nav and door speakers pioneer bandpass sub kenwood ps 201t amp , lots of dirt up the sides , might treat it to white indicators if they sort the boost problem :cry:

#37 Teribus

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Posted 30 December 2004 - 12:15 AM

Forum Name: Teribus

Real Name: Chris

Age: 21 (d.o.b 12/01/1985)

Location: Hawick, Scottish Borders

Occupation: Bus Technician

Car: '99V Focus 1.8TDDi Zetec, 5-door hatch in Diamond White

Car Bought : 14/10/04 with 126,970 miles.

Current Milage: 167,300-ish (14/05/06)

ENGINE K&N High Flow Air Filter Element

WHEELS/SUSPENSION 7x17" Fox R2 alloys with 205/40/17 tyres

EXTERIOR Crystal Front Indicators, Crystal Black side repeaters, "Ultra" jet black projector tail lights, "Ultra" black LED 3rd Brake Light, TDDi badge (TDCi/ST170 style), FFOC membership & darkside sticker!, Ripspeed 81mm round slash cut tailpipe extension, C-MAX Zetec Badges on doors, Collection boot spoiler, RGM rear splitter (modified slightly...), colour coded door handles, bump strips, tailgate handle, and sideskirts, Ford "Areo" Flat Blade wiper blades, White "Focus" oval badge on rear, Black "Focus" oval badge on front, Pug 206 rear wiper

INTERIOR Ripspeed "titanium" pedal extensions, Silver Lockwood dials with blue backlight & modified LCD illumination, Killer Kitty (click here) (My Car's Mascot, donated by my Fiancée), Euro MK2 (2004-on) Focus Ghia sunglasses Holder, Blue Poppy Coral

ICE/ELECTRICS Sony CDX-MP40 headunit (with stalk remote adaptor), Ghia Variable Intermittent Wiper Switch, Blue LED glovebox lights, Metallic Blue Fridge, Cigar Lighter in boot through a switch on the dash, Inside/Outside Thermometer above rear view mirror, Anti-Static Strip, "Ultra" Angel Eye Projector headlamps (with indicators wired up, and "Philips" PowerVision bulbs), 2 rear fogs in o.e position, StreetKA/SportKA reverse lamp in centre of RGM splitter, "Ice" LED's behind Radiator Grille, Tom Tom GO 300.

Planned Mods Personalised Numberplate, Stainless Steel Exhaust system, and a front bumper currently Work In Progress...

Possible Mods Suspension

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

If you want to ask me something about myself, or my car, feel free to PM me and i will reply when i get a chance.


*Update for mods & Mileage. Update: 14/05/06

#38 ZetecTDI

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Posted 01 January 2005 - 03:26 PM

Forum name: ZetecTDI

Real Name: Phil

Age: 32

location: Stoke on Trent

Car: 2002 focus 1.8TDI, 90ps, zetec 3 door, in panther black

Mods: none at all (yet)

Planned: St170 wheels and interior

#39 welshade

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  • Locationcardigan,wales

Posted 05 January 2005 - 10:53 PM

Forum Name:welshade
real name:adrian
location:cardigan,west wales
car:03 zetec tdci 1.8 in magnum grey
mods:clear indicators.stack of morrissey cd's,boot net for shopping!
planning on the new 2.0 6 speed tdci?

#40 mr pink

mr pink
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Posted 07 January 2005 - 07:14 PM

Real Name: Steve B
Age: 34
Location: Leicester / Mansfield / Anywhere  :)
Car: TDCi Sport (machine Silver 53)
Future Mods: Smoked repeaters, tail lights, eibachs, ST Lower grill, door handles, silver air vent surrounds, EGR, colour coded... :)  might take a while tho  :lol: