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Polish cloths!

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#1 chazzman111

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Posted 23 July 2004 - 03:27 AM

What would you say the best polish cloth is, i say cloth as it is easier to borrow your mums new polishing cloth from the cuboard than shed a few pennies.

Or should i just go out and buy one from halfords or somewhere like that; if so which should i buy and what sort of money should i pay for a good one, and how long will it last.


#2 SteveTDCi

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Posted 23 July 2004 - 01:01 PM

Take a look here,


FFOC members should get a 10% discount

#3 Guest__*

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Posted 23 July 2004 - 04:09 PM


Keep an eye out for a good Micro Fibre cloth. These are superb for polishing as they retain SO much dust deep inside the cloth - i.e. not on the surface like most cloths. They are superb for the old Mr.Miyagi action... Wax On, Wax Off :D


#4 Nawty

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Posted 23 July 2004 - 04:14 PM

Although they're not the "best of the best - SIR" I've just used a Tesco microfibre cloth (99p - various colours) instead of a chamios and it was brilliant.  Its only about 30cm x 30cm but took up all the water and left less wax streaking than the chamios with much less rubbing.

I also keep one in the glove box for the internals and windows.  In fact its great here too as it picks up dust/wipes away hand prints etc without the need for and cleaner.  For 99p you can't go wrong :D

#5 jungleistmassiv

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 01:15 PM

well i'm not impressed with halford's own polishing cloths, the cloth leaves so many fibres etc all over the car. i know meguiras polishing cloths are just, a towel....

when i poloish my car, i normally use a t-shirt, pair of boxers, whatever i can get me hands on!

#6 chazzman111

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Posted 27 July 2004 - 05:18 AM

yer i use old pants at minute, or an old towel, but get to many streaks. i will look into a micro fibre one..

cheers for your views


#7 purple foci

purple foci
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Posted 02 August 2004 - 02:43 PM

why not just use a 100% cotton towel.................thats basically what the mequiars one is 8).
use your application pad for applying, then get stuck in with the old towel for buffing up. work's a treat.


#8 fucosblack16v

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Posted 04 January 2005 - 10:56 PM

ive found that all the cloths you buy from halfords and motorworld are not that cracking ive found pillow case's are really good , so if you have got any pillow case's spare just use plain ones not patterned or anythin cut them up to ample sizes great job

#9 dave_st170


    West Sussex Regional Coordinator

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Posted 04 January 2005 - 11:04 PM

I use the Microfibre Cloths.

Theses are great!!!

Can buy theses from www.speeding.co.uk

Dave :D

#10 asdmds

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Posted 05 January 2005 - 08:37 AM

old shirts / boxers / t-shirts - anything cotton for use with polish although some people seem to be using them to dry the car after washing

#11 SierraYankee99

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Posted 05 January 2005 - 09:17 AM

chazzman111 said:

yer i use old pants at minute, but get to many streaks.

Anyone else find this totally worrying pmsl...................

oh well maybe its just me  :roll:

Getting my coat am I

#12 jn_rowe_uk

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Posted 05 January 2005 - 09:37 AM

I use Perfect Polishing Cloths from Autoglym, are the best :D  :D

#13 Dog

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Posted 05 January 2005 - 10:26 AM

I use a combination of cloths! :oops:  Depending on which jobs Im doing I have AutoGlym perfect polishing cloths, I also have Various microfibre cloths, and I also have a huge bundle of 100% cotton Towels (Costco) which get used for a variety of jobs on the car! :D

For those that use undergarments, T-shirts etc be careful as the stitching may well NOT be cotton and as such may mark your paint!  I'll not even ask what the neighbours think of you polishing your cars with a pair of scraggy boxer shorts! :lol:


#14 dave_st170


    West Sussex Regional Coordinator

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Posted 05 January 2005 - 01:57 PM

I used to use a t-shirt to buff my Mondeo up but it left bad scratches.
So then the ST170 came and had to buy softer to stop scratching.

The Terry Towels are great to get the wax off if u apply top much
The MF Cloth are good to re-buff up once used Terry Towel.
Also the MF Cloths are great to get rid of the dust without scratching.

Dave :D

#15 Jimmy

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Posted 05 January 2005 - 08:47 PM

:lol:  :lol:  :lol:

#16 punisher46

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Posted 28 January 2005 - 02:11 PM

are the meg's polishing cloth and pads any good then?

#17 Oriphus

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Posted 28 January 2005 - 03:16 PM

Halfords Polishing cloths are useless. They arent Lint Free and fibres go everywhere. However, they do have valeting cloths which are excellent, if a bit pricey. They are £3.99 for 4 i think, or £6.99 for 12. They are white, lint free and machine washable.

#18 millhouse

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Posted 06 February 2005 - 04:02 PM

JML do a micro-fibre cloth I've found this the best on wax-off situations :lol:

just make sure you don't choose a pink one though!

#19 dan2e2

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Posted 06 February 2005 - 04:21 PM

punisher46 said:

are the meg's polishing cloth and pads any good then?

i like them, make easy work of polishing

#20 millhouse

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Posted 06 February 2005 - 04:24 PM

the polishing pads are good.