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  1. Yesterday
  2. Wow it will be similar to when I 1st came along with Mike .
  3. Certainly have. No Live Action Arena & put trade area where the Arena normally was. I hope it doesn’t rain before Sunday because that area is usually waterlogged if it rains to much. Also parts of it was usually uneven too.
  4. We are on the area that was previously the Trade area (grass)
  5. Last week
  6. Got there in the end looking forward to a nice day.
  7. Hi Mike Everything sorted logged onto Eventbrite site and printed my Tickets out from there, Kelvin
  8. @keggy i’d drop them an email or phone call to the details that Mark (Rogue2) posted in the other thread.
  9. Hi Mike found the extra ticket that i ordered in may but cannot find anything about the ticket that was transferred from 2020 Ford Fair will email and phone on Monday just had another look through my emails for 2020 and cannot find anything relating to 2020 Ford Fair it can be sorted hopefully. Kelvin.
  10. Here is a copy of the Stand Pass for all members who have bought tickets for the club. You need to write your Registration that you entered when booking, if this reg has changed you NEED to contact Kelsey Media first as the Reg is checked by ANPR upon entry against the list that they have of booked vehicles. I would still strongly advise sending Kelsey Media an email to inform them you cannot download this but here it is just incase. Only members who have pre-booked using the Club Link are able to use this pass! Kelsey Media Support page: https://help.kelsey.co.uk/support/home
  11. Here is a copy of the Stand Pass for all members who have bought tickets for the club. You need to write your Registration that you entered when booking, if this reg has changed you NEED to contact Kelsey Media first as the Reg is checked by ANPR upon entry. Stand_Pass_2021.pdf
  12. You should have received that when you ordered them. Drop them an email.
  13. Not had my stand passes yet. I hope they don’t mess it up. Ford Owners Club are on T12 aswell.
  14. Hi Mike have not received my booking confirmation yet with the Tickets which according to the email i should have had, They will probably be following.on looking forward to seeing everybody again and some new Faces.
  15. I have just received my car passes, we will be located at T12, so the good side of the show but nearer the middle I think. This could be a grassed area but not sure. We just need to wait for the event map to come out now to see where we are.
  16. Earlier
  17. Hi All, The Ford fair organiser have provided the club with the final booking information. Please check and if any details are incorrect, then please contact them directly to resolve the matter. They have also advise that car passes with be attached to an email which you should receive 3 days before the event. First Name Surname No of Tickets Type of Tickets Ashley Collinson 1 Club Vehicle Pass Ashley Collinson
  18. Please note that general public entry tickets are ADVANCE TICKET ONLY - THERE ARE NO TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE GATE.
  19. Please visit https://www.fastcar.co.uk/ford-fair/ & read the updated information on the measures to keep everyone safe while at the show. Also keep checking upto the day of the event. Thanks everyone & I hope you enjoy Ford Fair!
  20. Depends on the weather and how well organised it is this year I suppose so will just have to wait and see I guess .
  21. We`ll see what happens, although chances are i`ll be cleaning the car up a bit like the others in our group, so you`ll probably end up finding me first
  22. It will be a little easier this time round and I do mean little but definitely easier so just might be 30 seconds quicker getting it in and out of my Focus this time .
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