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  1. We`ll see what happens, although chances are i`ll be cleaning the car up a bit like the others in our group, so you`ll probably end up finding me first
  2. Ah nice one your going too, i`ll bet i find you first
  3. It`s ok i figured you might do, odd thing is, i only realised that this forum existed through the facebook page, it`s good to have a facebook page, even better when there`s a forum. But yeah i`ll making my way over to see you guys, as soon as possible
  4. I should hang my head in shame, my excuse is, and it may be a poor one, i found focus northwest owners club first before, finding FFOC, I do apologise. I know a lot of them, and went to my first car show in Cleveleys in 2019. Besides the first chance i get, i`ll come and find you lot anyway. Next time i`ll come and join you guys. This year was short notice, as originally i wasn`t going, but then a few things turned out i could go.
  5. I`ll be going the afternoon before hand, so i`ll see most of you on the day, i`ll be with a different club, and you`ll have a chance to see my awesoem work both on my interior and my mate`s interior. Can`t wait really now
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