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  1. There's a section at the top of the forum 'sticky' that covers all technical notices which Ford have issued. There's quite a few about the diesel auto. Bing
  2. and... There's a good bit of info in the 'sticky' section
  3. There's a thread at the bottom of the page, any help? Good meeting you earlier!
  4. Hey Smokesmate I think the problem seems to be with the auto box. I wish we'd gone for the diesel, but in October Ford and Motability were doing a crazy deal with the Ghia - Ford also gave us £350 off the down-payment for switching from whizzpopper - so with our £200 back from Motability for returning our Zafira with zero damage we only had to find £200 for this top-of-the-range car. I think that's what swung it for us. I also liked the VW Touran, but the down-payment was £699. I'll let you know when I hear from Fords.
  5. When did you order your Cmax? We ordered ours in October, for Xmas delivery. When 21 December came, the dealer told us that they were having problems getting the Cmax (2.0L auto Ghia) Like you we're on Motability and we've had our current lease extended, but I want my new car!!!!! 25 January was quoted as a possible delivery date!
  6. I've been given a provisional date of 25 January. Should I be worried? Is it likely this date will slip. What's people's experiences?
  7. I ordered my Motability C-Max 3 months ago and was due to collect it this Tuesday, but I'm now told that all dealers are having problems getting the 2 litre auto. I've been given a possible delivery date of January 25th. Is this acceptable? I did a ring-round a few dealers and they all had similar stories, one even telling me that there was gear box issues with the auto. Any one else had similar problems?
  8. Hi I've driven both the Picasso and the Zafira and I'm due to change our car this Christmas. Reading these posts here I get the general feeling all is pretty good with the C-Max. I've test driven the Zetec and the VW Touran and I don't like the New Zafira or the Scenic. Before I sign on the dotted line, am I doing the right thing. I expect to go for the Ghia 2.0L petrol.
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