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    Waiting to pick up my Mk1 RS
  1. I stand corrected just searched a few photos and no plate but plenty of room for your foot to go beside. :lol:
  2. you've got me doubting now, but im pretty sure as i never drive with my foot over the clutch pedal its always to the side. I will check later.
  3. dont be so judgemental there mums might love them as well
  4. I looked at a silver ST2 in the Harlow dealership and it was spot on with the match. One of the first ones ive seen the orange one they had for test drving was mismatched though.
  5. Wasn't that with the exhaust manifold as wel though ? Not the manifold it self its the pipe that comes of it that restrictive, spoke to the bloke at Ford fair. He said the pipe of the manifold was the same diameter as the ford KA :shock:
  6. Its going to have to look better than that
  7. the point im at, at the moment i could just about put it over 200bhp then after that i would have to go forced induction or change the head. I would rather play with the head and keep it NA. Boost is to unpredictable :lol:
  8. Thats coz it was standard which mine isnt. Hense the only a few horse's short of a stock RS :lol:
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