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  1. My derv never reachs halfway. Sits just under. Then from time to time it goes to stone cold with no warning, then flicks back up. Cant be bothered to investigate unless it goes over halfway.
  2. Nope. My guess is the have disconnected the gauge sender and not plugged it back in. Or theyve drained ya tank. Id put £20 in it. If gauge goes up make a complaint about fuel missing. If it dosnt go up, complain your gauge now dosnt work. Removing the filler neck would not on its own effect your gauge.
  3. I thought that. But theyre 5door seats. So cant be...
  4. Hey guys. Was bidding on these and got outbid when i had to serve at work. Ebay item 220992553847 anyone know what model theyre from? Havent seen them before and think they look so much better than the smooth titanium leather.
  5. We should start a club and take ford to court for discrimination against drivers with dodgy ankles! Lol. Tbh im adapting to it now. I still cant launch it off the line like i could my mk1. But im able to risk tighter gaps pulling on to roundabouts etc now.
  6. Cambelt is due at about 100k mate. I done mine today abit overdue at 112k
  7. Breakers are your best bet for parts mate! As for rear lights im unsure on cmax ones. Facelift defo fit but i think theres some wiring to do.
  8. Im only 5f11 but i have limited right ankle movement where i had to have it pinned after breaking it. So i cant sit as close as i should because id be pushing the throttle down all the time.
  9. Thats one reason i eventuly want the st recaro leather seats down the line mate. From sitting in them i seem to be able to get a more comfortable position. Expensive though!
  10. Hey mate had exactly the same with mine. Always driven a mk1 with the seat fully back and steering wheel as close the the dash as it will go. In my mk2 im finding with the seat fully back to engage the clutch my leg is at full extent with no bend in the knee, this has led to some err harsh shall we say gear changes and embarrisingly stalling (which sounds like youve hit a brick wall in this thing). Obvious solution is move seat forward, but then my dodgy right ankle wont clear accelerator, unless i lower the seat then i cant see anything past bottom of windscreen! Currently driving on click f
  11. Hey guys noticed in my mk2 tonight when i locked the car the odometer and radio display remained lit up. Took the dog round the block and checked again they were still on. About 30min later i checked again and it was off. Is this normal for the mk2? If so how long does it do this for?
  12. If you live in a room with padded walls whilst wearing a top with sleeves tied together behind your back... Then yes there cool. Otherwise, no, no theyre not.
  13. Good god that sounds nice. I want i want i want :D Colin
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