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  1. See the Chipping section in the diesel section :mrgreen: Site link > http://www.powermasteruk.com
  2. Dam mate, that sounds like one very very poor dealer. I am sure I would have done what you said and sold the car with idots like there at the stealers. Is it not possiable to take it to another Fords to get them to have a crack at it.
  3. That you can get 1.6/1.8/2.0 TDCI engines now? I guess ford are getting rid of any old 1.8's on the new car. I heard about someone buying one at 20% of as they work for Ford and the dealer said it was the first one they had seen. :shock: They are now listed on the ford website. :D
  4. Someones taken that picture at Ford at Dagenham :wink: its a lovely car :D
  5. NOW There is an offer!!! :mrgreen:
  6. Well I disagree to a point as some of there dealers are as bad as you say but I have bought 5 cars from one bloke and never had a problem. :D
  7. Hello. I am sorry to hear of all the problems you are having with your car. I suggest ringing As soon as poss, as I am not sure how you could reject the car as it came from a broker?, Give the finance people a call becuase at the end of the day, if the car is not worth the money paid for it due to the faults its there money on the line as well. Ronnie
  8. Start lying about the prices from the other dealer? If he say's whats the best price so far, say its 16k you tell him its 15,200 or something... You will know when you have hit rock bottom on the price when they just refuse to go lower. I have a contact for DagnamMotors here down London way if you want it?
  9. Tell them you have it, and get them to give you there "Privilege" price and the shop around because they are not the same from dealer to dealer. :D All the best. Ronnie.
  10. WOW Lovely car mate, Love those alloys!
  11. unless you get the Mondeo ST wheels? :mrgreen:
  12. No thanks, looks well... its not my taste the MSDegin one looks better.
  13. WOW that looks miles better mate. :D
  14. Let's see if Ford build it I am sure if they do they will limit the numbers and they will sell I am sure. Still 30k for a Focus??? .... Hmm.... :shock: :?
  15. Enjoy mate, What engine did you go for? :D
  16. Three words... "Needs Bigger Wheels!" :mrgreen: Hope you enjoy mate.
  17. Round ones :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. Very nice there mate. :mrgreen:
  19. nice one mate.. Hope you enjoy!
  20. It nice to here that you are still enjoying the car mate. Is it not really annoying that the problems you experianced before do not re appear when you need them to :cry: Hopefully it was a one off and everything will be back to normal now. :D
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