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  1. also you might be worth contacting Tezza for the parts that are a LOT LOT cheaper and then getting a local trusted garage to fit them
  2. Thats a good result mate, Glad you stuck to your guns and they got you the car you wanted.
  3. Thats correct spongebob stupants, :lol: :wink:
  4. My mate has had these on his 1.6 and loves them, I have the sessanta on mine they are excellent in the wet with 300bhp going through them :)
  5. They look better on the MK2 than the ST225 from cars I have seen them on 8)
  6. Yep not a lot of Focus owners do the sunroofs but they did sell quite a few to the s-max owners. :wink:
  7. Give Profile automotive a call they do them ;) they are very good as well. :)
  8. Give Tezza a buzz mate, I am sure he can get you a good price on a new one :)
  9. and a few other places on the car :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. I think the connector is different, I am sure we had someone else ask the same thing 8)
  11. I like the ones on Ruths new car either those or the ST wheels.
  12. RS wheels will go (With spacers) at £130ish each that is a great price. 8)
  13. I am sure that a few people recon I need one.. :oops: :oops: :lol: :lol:
  14. If you order the parts from Tezza you will get them cheaper :)
  15. I know Pumabuild do offer this at £24 so I might go there.
  16. Yep thats years old that trick, shame it doenst work on new cars :(
  17. i could turn you on for a drink :shock: :lol: whooops,wrong chat room :lol: :sofa
  18. Hence my question here if anyone wanted a drink for turning it on for me. The dealer wants to book the car in etc.. I want to play and go.. lol
  19. currently we have a number of ST's running round with this on ;)
  20. I want to get my autolocking enabled its a 5 min job and its defently on the car as DS and Pumabuild can do it. I was wondering if anyone in london or essex had the IDS to enable it? :D
  21. I have seen some of these and they are really good. Personally I would get the genuine ones. :wink:
  22. lol. love the comment about the sons.. :lol: :lol: :lol: Cracking car mate :)
  23. :offtopic :offtopic :offtopic :offtopic :offtopic :offtopic :offtopic Can we please stay on topic and not write about the life and times of someone!!! Thankyou! 8)
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