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  1. None sadly.. :oops: :lol: :lol: Just like to tell people about good service. 8) Between them and TOTD I am skint! lol :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Thats Great mate, Confirmed the prices with Gary :) he is happy to do the deal. :)
  3. Hi mate, I had them on my they look just as good on a 5dr, you can have whatever color you want. :)
  4. if you don't want the remap they have some lovely kits and bits for the Focus. Even if you pop in to have a go of the ST295 Demo car :) :twisted: :twisted: Gary and the team are excellent, they do servicing as well, only ford parts are used ;)
  5. I had my Graphics fitted by them :) 1st class job. I know of other FFOC's that are getting them done soon.. ;) The little Fiesta STs look great with them on.
  6. No here is an offer from the ST forum I am sure I can get these prices for the graphics. Code Red/Profile Graphics packages 4 week offer For the next 4 weeks we are running a special offer on our distinctive chequered graphics packages. The new graduated effect decals offer unlimited colour options and are finished using a hi-gloss protective laminate. Supply Only Full Chequered Decal set (front sides & rear) – Standard Colours RRP £77.00 – offer £65.00 Full Chequered Decal set (front sides & rear) – Graduated Colours RRP £165.00 – offer £145.00 Supplied & fi
  7. bigbeere, Don't worry about the updates mate, the engine has been out a while now so I doubt you will have any to worry about they will reload it for free.
  8. The discount brings it down to about £500 :) same as the BF but you do get the extra cover. If you didn't want the handset they can upload the map to the car and you would have to go back and get it reloaded if you need it, the price is reduced for this :) There are copies of these graphics, but NONE look as good as these, and the quantity is superb. :)
  9. Yep thats the ones I had. What about these graduated ones from what ever colour you want..
  10. :arrow: The handset allows the program to be removed from the car, however it does have is own warranty if the worse should happen (and I have never yet see it :lol: ) :arrow: No If ford do an ECU update, you can also do a update on the Code:red should you need it. 1.6 has been out a while now so the chances are VERY VERY low. :arrow: Disconnecting the Battery does not lose the program :) :arrow: It should improve, unless you are like me and drive like your pants are on fire :oops: :arrow: Yes CR and BF are the remaps stored in a device allowing you to remove the "remap" from th
  11. Yep they should do as Kevin Davies had them on his St225
  12. Tezza is the cheapest by far, Halfords are charging £40 for there own brand :shock:
  13. As far as I am aware only wolfman can sell Raid products in the UK
  14. Hi mate, for the hassle that it its worth just getting it done at quickfit where they do it for about 40 I think it was..
  15. Thats a joke! ... Good job the second car is a Skoda then as that doesn't have any problems and the Warranty covers most things Fords wont. Its becoming a joke these days. :(
  16. Mate, Give Gary a call at Profile Automotive Ltd UK Importer & Distributor for Code:Red & Wolf -Concept products Unit 2, Stuart Road Bredbury, Stockport. SK6 2SR Tel: 0161 406 9797 Fax: 0161 406 9292
  17. Speak to GTI mate, he has a 2.0 supercharger kit and I am sure he has AC
  18. I would think re-fitting the LED lights would be quite simple, once you hunt around for the parts give the fitting ago yourself ask MadMP3 he might know or Tezza how to fit them 8)
  19. Hmmm I would call customer services I am sure that is one of the parts that would be covered under the FULL 3 years. Its not as if its something thats only expected to last 1 year.
  20. Fordpartsuk ?? You might find one you are looking for on there. I think they look the nuts on the CMAX :twisted:
  21. if you PM wolfman he can do Mintex pads and if you are near manchester he can fit them too... :D
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