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  1. Cool, I normally get mine from there rather than Fords as they are cheaper for the Bosh blades. If you want to get them from ford then I would PM tezza ;)
  2. Cant say I have but you may want to look in halfords to see what they charge for the same part.
  3. Rather agressive style but never the less I like it. One has the 20's This has Ace 18's
  4. They do a bit but the TDci is a very quiet unit when compaired to the VAG stuff.
  5. I have mine where the heated front and rear screen buttones are.
  6. Ebay them and then spend even more money on the car :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. craigc_zetec, To be honest mate, i would not waste the time or the money, as the cars work fine with 1 induction :wink: :D I am sure the pennys could be spent else where on the car rather than trying to fit some that you don't really need and not even sure it will work properly :D
  8. Nice How too mate. So what was the other prices we wanna know :)
  9. Still looking as good as the day you bought it mate :)
  10. Go for the real ones mate, they are normally better made, and there are a lot out there at the moment. :D
  11. The guy that is selling them on the ST forum is quite well know on the site so they wont be a "deyboy speical" :wink:
  12. That sounds about right :) glad you got it fixed mate :wink:
  13. On the Mk2 go for the 18's They will look better and fill those arches.
  14. The club is there for people to join if they so wish, The forum is there for memebers to use. If you are not a member then you can only read it. IF you want a Forum why not try and start your own ??? :lol: :lol:
  15. Thanks for that SY99, As I said we are going to try and get some kind of Forum only membership going but as I say thats more to do with the software :( . There has been NO price rise on the membership and there hasn’t been since day 1 of the FFOC 6 years ago. :D and that’s isn’t going to change in the near future :wink: . With regards to renewals we looked at creating something for the people that renew. In the past it we did say that if you had a AA membership when you renew you dont get anything else do you ?. :arrow: We are looking at creating that pack so you have somethin
  16. What sticky do you mean ?? and I hope we can in the future offer another level of membership (Forum only) but as I say its been a problem witht the software in the past. We do hope you may return one day soon :)
  17. I have seen one at a dealers with the same thing however when I questioned them about he said that it was "the shape of the car" :shock: :? Which means he had not got a clue.. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. Sorry you all feel that way, as yet there is no plans for a "Forum only Membership" however that is something that we need to discuss as yet the software doesnt allow us to have that option. The Cmax section will remain open for people to read with out being paid members, but to post you need to need to be paid.
  19. donovan2123, See we as the owners have tested all these options before so I hope this helps you. :)
  20. Please don't take this the wrong way, but they are telling you what you want to hear. The Engine and the injectors cannot cope upto 150bhp ... Trust me on this, hence why I sold me TDCi and bought a VAG TDI instead at the time. That link is also taking poo as the Focus ST 2.5 does not hit 270 on a remap... The leaders in that field can just get to 265 on a standard car. The people at these companys are trying to make you pay for the remap to a number that is not possiable. IF you take it to another RR that does not sell remaps you are more than likely going to get a shock as the car will
  21. then they are telling you porkies... WE had a TDCi sport at PE for over 5 weeks and they changed EVERYTHING bar the engine managment and it would not do over 146bhp, over that its far too sooty. The gains are good just don't get hung up on the power figures.
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