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  1. You will get a max of 140bhp, with a remap the 1.8 TDCi is an engine that has been around for a while now and 140 is about the most you will get.
  2. Just googled it, and a few ok reviews nothing bad as yet. What engine do you have if its a NA car then you can't expect that much from the remap
  3. Personally I think it would look great with out the badges, can't wait to see the pictures.
  4. I would have had them for the shows but that will have to wait until next year for the live viewing.. :lol: :lol: I will get better pictures, for you on the weekend as soon as I get home its already dark :oops:
  5. You can, but a. you can remove tints as and when you want them b. Resale of a car with Tints will hurt more than sunshades you can remove. I have had tints in the past and they are a nightmare at night sometimes at least you have the option to remove them if you so wish. :D
  6. How much do you think they should be ? When you consider Ford charge £100 just for the rear window. You also get a case to keep them in.
  7. We are looking at around these prices, depends on the amount of intrerest. Focus (99-05) 3 Door – £99 (4 Piece) 4 Door - £99 (4 Piece) 5 Door £109 (6 Piece) Estate £119 (6 Piece) Focus (2005-New) 3 Door – £99 (4 Piece) 4 Door - £99 (4 Piece) 5 Door £109 (6 Piece) Estate £119 (6 Piece) C-MAX £119 (6 Piece)
  8. will have to have a look when i get home but they will be cheaper than fords and anywhere else of course :wink:
  9. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... 63#1728963
  10. I know they don't have one for the 1.8 :( but I now the CR for the 2.0 it makes the car stunning to drive.
  11. Yep there demo is a 2.0 TDCi and its got the map and its very impressive.
  12. I had no firm replies, just wondered if there was anyone that wanted one :oops: I have driven there demo and its very impressive, if you are near stockport pop in and ask Gary for a go ! :twisted: Ronnie
  13. 1. Cancell the cheque now !!!! :shock: 2. Tezza does get swapped, its ok to remind him he is great. :D 3. I bet they go to £900 so its not really worth bidding on to be honest. 4 They do have them as I have a 5dr ST and last time I checked they where still there.. :lol:
  14. I have all the pictures of the kits they do at home I will get the pictures up asap.
  15. If you call wolf as to speak to Kerry and tell them that you are from the FFOC and Ronnie sent you and you will get a discount :D
  16. Its due to the German TUV, they approve all the kits so that they can sell them in Germany with the "qauity" sticker on them.
  17. Did you know.... Garry (wolfman) the Owner of Profileautomotive aka Wolf uk desgined a lot of those kits when he worked there. Now he works for himself and the kits are much nicer.
  18. I am sure there is mate, Give them a call. :D
  19. Intresting, As the Ford Logo is registered to them I would hate to be the person that gets done by them for useing there logo. :shock:
  20. I like it, BTW european-parts are not allowed to sell wolf parts here. Call Wolfman(Gary) or kerry on Tel: 0870 609 4651 they are the uk arm of all wolf products and they will do you a good deal, tell them I sent you. :wink: Ronnie
  21. Looking good mate, will look better on ST wheels or something like that. :wink:
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