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  1. Intresting thread but in answer to your question No the section will stay as the car is really like a high Mk2 Focus. :D There are many out on the roads so we would see no reason to remove this section because the model has changed names. :D
  2. I think thats the photoshopped one, It "should" look more like the s-max and mondeo styling.
  3. its not at all in your face which is great IMO :D
  4. I perfer the older Sony units in the ST's than the new curvy ones :oops:
  5. I had these in my old car and they are fantastic. :D
  6. Thats excellent news mate, Glad they are what you expected. :wink:
  7. Very nice, are you going to change it in anyway? :P
  8. Welcome mate to the ffoc :P
  9. Welcome mate to the ffoc :P
  10. If there are any ecu updates or recalls you can go into Fords to check.
  11. :shock: Not sure what that could be, get it back to the dealers asap.
  12. What? ... :shock: Why would you want one just for the MK2 ??? :? thats why we are the FORD FOCUS OWNERS CLUB, thats all the MK1/1.5/2 :lol: :lol: The clue is in the name :wink:
  13. Are they the same lights from the front mate, both clear or smoked?.. If you paid by creditcard you could get on to them to get your money back.
  14. That doesnt look good at all. :shock:
  15. Hello. the 1.8 is the older TDCI engine from the mk1. (Carried over) 1.6 and the 2.0 are for the MK2 Personally I loved the old 1.8, 2.0 now would be my choice. :D
  16. My ST is going to Chris at TOD for the first service, come to think of it ... Its going for the second and third...lol too
  17. I have been to see Wolfman near Manchester, and the pictures make this kit look very nice.
  18. lol ... they all fail that test "I am not going to modifiy this one". lol
  19. I love those... 8) If you get bored and want to swap for the ST2 seats non leather, you know where to look :lol: :lol: :lol:
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