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  1. I think its around the 15k mark before diesel starts to pay for itself.
  2. I think its an inherent problem with the box, FOrd don't make good autos,
  3. Not bad, have you looked at www.drivethedeal.com The C Max doesn't sell well and the new version is available in May so dealers will be keen to deal
  4. Ford Focus Zetec Climate 1.6 Petrol 5-door Hatchback 5 Speed Manual Front Wheel Drive Year: 2005 55 Mileage: 13,000 Part-exchange Price: Excellent condition: £8240 Average condition: £7410 Below average condition: £6590
  5. Once you have a confirmed build date that the dealer can give you I would expect it to be at the dealer within 3 weeks.
  6. Ordering any ford with an autobox is a pain, except the old galaxy and that was only because it was VW bits. I#ve only ever ordered 1 petrol auto FOcus and that was beacuse ford had stopped building the auto. Have you a confirmed date in writting from the dealer ?
  7. bigger pictures here .. http://www.forddesktops.com On sale in the summer of 2007, the interior looks much better and the quality looks inmproved. New style seats and stereo as well as climate buttons. Also a full length glass roof. Its also now a C MAX and not Focus C Max.
  8. The front end looks better than the current Focus, I think the EOS and Astra both look better but the EOS is pricing itself out of the market. I quite like the look of the Megane and they are cheap.
  9. http://www.autocar.co.uk/FirstDrive_Sum ... _ID=222470 The link should work, if not goto www.autocar.co.uk from the report it doesn't give much away.
  10. You can pick up a used one for less give it until after christmas and they will be in the 14's
  11. I got used to the handbrake in the end, however the car was very comfortable and at 11k brand new (import) they are terrific bargins,
  12. I know its a C Max forum but I'm off on my hols soon and have picked up a hire car to get me to the airport. The car is probably what the C max was built to compete with, a Scenic 1.6 Expression, Well what can I say about it ..... The ride is good, the seats are comfy and visability is excellent, however the brakes are either off or on, it has a silly electronic handbrake the dash is a mess with everything being digital. You cannot feel the bite point of the clutch, although the clutch itself is light. Suspension soaks up the bumps and the steering has no feel to it, yes the car is quick
  13. We have had it happen to 2 C Max's, 1 mondeo and quite a few Galaxies, they are all still running. BTW did you keep the unleaded ? you can still use it my Dad filled his freelander up with it drained it and chucked it in my brothers MX5 :lol:
  14. How do you know the bleed nipples haven't been disturbed ?
  15. Wolf are developing the english side of the website, but for now you will have to translate. Anyway the pictures speek for themselves.
  16. Cheers Tony, just thought I would mention thats a £3500 saving against list.
  17. http://www.wolf-concept.de/concept/prod ... s_cmax.php I think there is a uk supplier, nice kits the wheels will be expensive but the bodykit will definatly fit.
  18. I'm not sure if anyone is interested but I'll post it anyway. My local Ford Dealer TC Harrison Stamford have in stock brand new Ford Focus's, various models but at very good prices. Focus Zetec Climate in Tango, Tonic Moodust or Panther all 2.0 TDCi all around £14300 OTR There are 2 2.0TDCi Ghias Moondust and Tango again around £14300. Finally they have a copuple of Sports, I think these are both petrols in moondust and panther both a shade under £12000. It might be of interest to anyone whos looking for new but doesn't like the hassel of bargining.
  19. well if I had one a wolf body kit would look nice and I'd chip it. but for now I'll stick with my GOlf
  20. what :shock: £499 includes VAT and the £80 transfer fee. Most of the companies that you see advertised buy them from the DVLC. When i looked for mine the DVLC were £160 cheaper than anyone else.
  21. I think you should order it from the DVLC website and save yourself £160
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