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  1. I would say that it should get a little closer to 40mpg as time goes on, you need at least 10k on the clock before it starts to bed in. My Focus (more power than the C-Max and less weight) returns around 42-44mpg on my normal journey, which includes a good mixture of roads. I think in the Autocar test the 2.0 C-Max averaged 37 mpg. Give it a few more miles before deciding.
  2. I'd go for the one with the black leather and beat them down on price. The ESP probably isn't worth it. THe CD player can be retro fitted and the coolbox is probably just an air feed from the AC unit. Steve
  3. Bluefin............not yet, but being worked on. Plug in boxes, yes plenty. Try Speedbusters, Tandem Tuning (cheapest but good service) Bromleys Tunit, Rapid, DMS etc. Steve
  4. The C-Max is now available with a 2.0 Duratec petrol engine. It is the same unit as fitted to the Mondeo. The Diesels are also available with partical trap filters. Steve
  5. The trip computer on the 2.0 Demo I had averaged 37 mpg, and that was with lots of different drivers, all with lead boots ! And yes they do get better with age, but not much improvment until 10k Steve
  6. I think it neither, I'm sure the 1.8 Focus is the lynx, and the XU is the old Pug 205/405/406. The Sharan has the same engine as the Galaxy. It is the VW PDi unit available in 115 & 130 spec. The Galaxy V6 is the VW VR6 engine and the 2.3 Galaxy is the I4 block which used to power the RS2000 mk5 albeit with a different head. Steve
  7. Yes, I have and the 2.0 and I currently drive a chipped 115TDCi. Depends on what you want from the car, you only really miss the extra grunt on the motorway. Steve
  8. Take it to your local dealer, The first 12months are ford UK, the next 24 months are ford dealers, It just so they have an excuse to refuse repairs on non UK cars Steve
  9. Try disconecting the battery for 30 mins it should reset the ECu and may clear the engine warning light, however it might just be easier if you let the supplying dealer do it, just in case there is something wrong, you don't want to harm your chances of rejecting the car later on. On the last C-Max I had (2.0 Ghia) there was quite a lot of wind noise around the front of the car, not sure if it was a seal problem or just the car. Either way report it to the dealer. Steve
  10. Welcome to the forum, the darkside and the C-Max room :D Nice spec you have there and love the colour.......I'm not 100% sure but there might be a sensor that works off the handbrake which stops the DVD playing. Steve
  11. Hi Alex, sorry to hear about what happened to your old Focus, glad the wife and kids were ok. I have never driven the Petrol C-Max, only the 1.6 diesel and the 2.0 diesel that I have on demo. What I can say is that the C-Max makes a great family car, the Focus is good, but for someone with kids the C-Max is superb. On the Ghia car I have there is a little........well sunglasses case I suppose except when its open it is actually a mirror, you can see exactly whats going on in the rear !!! it turns out the sunglasses case is where the drivers grab handle qould be !!!! It seems that for steering feel the 1.6 petrol is the one to go for as it is a pure ps rack, where the rest are electrically assisted. Keep us posted on how the new car turns out Cheers Steve 8)
  12. I have a 2.0 TDCi Ghia in Tonic, complete with leather trim..........goes back on Friday though :(
  13. Welcome to the forum, there are plenty of C-Max's about, its just that they are all diesel :D
  14. Welcome to the FFOC all you C-Max owners. I have driven the 1.6 TDCi and have a 2.0 TDCi booked for a few days early next week. Great cars :D
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