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  1. Top price for the EOS is £34500
  2. http://ald.thinksmartmarketing.co.uk/in ... 7.13.14352 Yep a standard 3.2 EOS will cost 28k, and leather, SAT NAV, and a few other toys and you are looking at near on 33k. I quiet fancy the new CC. I've seen different pictures of it all in better colours than the brown and it looks nice. The back still doesn't look quite right but you don't see that from behind the wheel !
  3. Ford have released the prices for the forthcoming Focus CC. The entry level model will be a 100ps 1.6 Petrol and will wear the CC-1 badge and will start at £16795 there are 2 other varients the CC-2 and the CC-3 and these models will be available with either 2.0 petrol or 2.0 TDCi Units. The most expensive is the CC3 TDCi which is £20500. The prices undercut the Astra and also the Golf Eos. Although I prefer the look of EOS anyone that wants to spend £28000 on a 3.2 V6 Golf convertable without any options needs to have there head tested !
  4. Yep you should be able to get a dealer to get somewhere near that. Especially as the showrooms are empty because people are staying at home watching footballs being kicked about. DPF is diesel partical filter and i would avoid that, look in the 2005 Focus section as to the reason why. Don't get too involved in prices, the cost to change is the most important figure, having said that you need some figures to work out you are getting a reasonable deal. Given the figures you have quoted, they are reducing the C Max by £695 and giving you RFL ( £135 IRC on the C Max) + £80 for the plate so the
  5. Drive the deal price is £13500 and thats brand new to the spec quoted. What price is the C Max up at ( ford are struggling to sell them )
  6. The heated screen is an option on the LX, the zetec gets the Heated Screen, body colured handles, dark tint headlights, alloys, fogs, better/more supportive seats, trip computer and leather 3 spke steering wheel. Out of the 2 I would pick the zetec the mileage means nothing, don't let it put you off. Oh and the Mk2 is a far better car, its much more comfortable and is better built
  7. You can get Ford dealers to beat DTD prices, I did with my Focus. Although on Dagenham motors could match it. Elivery time between DTD and ford will be the same, DTD act is an intermediatry between you and the dealer. Once you confirm the order the nominated Ford dealer will contact you.
  8. matt don't let the forum put you off, you will find that most people do not have a problem until they stumble across a site like this. We have 2 1.6 C Max's at work and they have both had there problems, both relating to fuel, one was a genuine fault, the other it didn't help when they filled it with petrol !
  9. the astra 888 is on 5th gear tonight :D
  10. we don't need a family car, no kids hence the XK :lol: I've just been looking at mondeos, but I'd like an 04 plate (so I can take my reg with me) and mondeos start at around 6k, I'd probably look for a mega miler one, a 130 TDCi with 100-120k on the clock would do :D
  11. Nope, i'm thinking of an Astra 888 or the twin top, possibly the ST Focus. I like the C-Max but to be honest i'm not 100% sure what to do. All of the items that are wrong with the VW are being put right without question but if I was to have more serious issues like the C-MAx then i'm sure VW would struggle (EGR are just becoming a problem apparently) The other option is to sell all the cars and buy the wife an XK8 R cabriolet and a cheap Focus diesel (C max's start at £5000)
  12. The residuals on the VW are good, yes i've lost ££ since buying it but a lot less than the Focus. I really do like the VW but i'm thinking of possibly changing. Too mayniggles makes me get bored :lol:
  13. LOL, I'm finding out about the issues, none of them major but then none of them should be found on a 23k car. Yes the Service desk give a better quality bull than ford but i've never had a problem with my local dealer. I guess it depends on how you treat them, and in all honesty I don't blame the mechanics, they can only fix things based on the information given to them. What I do object to is pure lazeness/poor CS skills from so called Service department managers (after falling out with someone at ford dealer due to lack of care for there workmanship)
  14. now thats what I call detailed information :D any chance you could get a job at VW
  15. Would this not be in the setings of the radio rather than be caused by a replacement cluster ?
  16. Its £10497 from drive the deal, base model and must be registered by 30th June
  17. Why don't you make an adaptor out of MDF ? its cheaper than buying the autoleads adaptor
  18. I've got both in the Golf and would certainly tick the sun hoof box if I was ordering a new one.
  19. It'll be lower arm bushes on yours. Get a new arm, they are only £12 complete
  20. I'm 6' 4" and the best car I have ever driven for getting the seat low enough is the Golf, I've even got a sunroof and don't bang my head. The seat also goes a long way back. Poere wise the 1.8 is the same as it always was 115ps, the only reason they put it into the Focus range was because they couldn't build enough Euro 4 cars, the 1.8 was quickly redesigend to meet E4 and didn't need the DPF like the 1.6/2.0. The new S Max and Galaxy get a 1.8 diesel although I'm not sure on the specs
  21. Why not the Zafira, you can get it with the same engine as the Ashtray. I didn't think the 2.0 TDCi was much quicker than a chipped 1.8 TDCi. The 1.6 is a great little town engine but struggles slightly on the motorway (compared to the 1.8/2.0) The only main advantages of the new engines are that they are made form alloy, so they make the steering feel a little more sharper with less understeer.
  22. Get a quote from www.drivethedeal.com and ask your local dealer to match it. Also don't rely on your local dealer phone a couple of dealers in different parts of the UK, for the sake of a cheap day return ticket or airfair you could save several hundred pounds. Build time vary'smost will quote 12 weeks, it could be quicker. It really does depend what cars they are building at the time you place your order. Cheers Steve
  23. There is room to put ypur foot, just not a dedicated place.
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