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  1. well the ST is no different to the rest of the Focus range and my old Mk1 Focus certainly didn't have a foot rest
  2. No Fords have a foot rest, its one of the good points about the Golf :D
  3. The recall doen't affect all Focus's. It basicly involves fitting a gasket to stop water getting in and causing an electrical short
  4. Don't rely on Halfords, you can get better product delivered to your door for a similar price. Clearkote, Collintite and P21 are all top products, PB's is nexton the list
  5. It depends on how long you keep the car, the 1.6 is lighter and almost as powerful as the 1.8, the 1.8 was ford's quick fix to make the Focus Euro4 compilanet because they couldn't get enough DPF's made. The 1.8 is the old endura block and was fitted in the Mk1.5 Focus. I'd suggest you drive both to see which you prefer, although if it was me i'd go for the 1.6 and make sure I got the 110ps not the 90 version
  6. I htink you have probably made the right choice given that you have an Elise as a toy, the mondeo will make a great everyday car.
  7. Good luck with the Mondeo, my local stealer has a couple and a few of the Titaniums, cracking buys from 13k upwards
  8. Great colour choice, I found the Zetec seats were quite comfortable certainly more supportive compared to the Ghia
  9. It sounds like a nice little earner, take a deposite then claim they cannot get the car and only refund half of your money, £250 for doing nothing !
  10. and that ford cannot build a CVT box to handle any decent ammount of power, hence long deliveries on TDCi Autos and the fact you can only gett them in low power outputs. Still I think Ford are developing there version of VAG's DSG box (which works well with diesels)
  11. but what you have to remember is that salesmen are at the front line, if Ford don't build a car it doesn't matter to the production line manager, they won't get the crap, but the man in the showroom will, the best salesman are those that help you all the time even when things go wrong, it helps if they are enthusiastic about the product and not just out to get there commission. Salemen have to work ridiculous hours, get paid basic salaries and have scrimp and scrave to get money and meet a target, whilst everyone that they deal with thinks they know best.
  12. Or you would buy a diesel if you wanted to go sports car racing, a bit like audi did, you know smash the lap record and get pole, start from the pit lane and still win :wink:
  13. :wink: do you think they get there mate to hold a paint brush while they drive back and forth to get the GT40 style stripes :lol:
  14. A corsa with side stripes and max flowe sticker is sporty :lol:
  15. I wouldn't class a Focus ST as a sports car, a hot hatch yes, a sports car to me would be something ... sporty, an elise, boxter, S2000 etc
  16. hmmmm maybe, if you read Autocar you will see that one of the writters had trouble trying to overtake an Accord 2.2TD, and he was in a 911 :wink:
  17. There are rumours of one, as for why, think company car an ST will very rarely be purchased due to very high emmisions where as a diesel would cost less, think Mondeo ST TDCi... as for perfomance, if the D5 lump does go in then once on the move i'm sure the petrol would struggle to keep up
  18. What about the Octavia Vrs ? I can ask the dealer that I use for Fords to see if anything is about, although I doubt they will get anywhere near broker prices on the ST, there is currently a registration bonus on Focus's which could mean a small discount.
  19. Get the GTi you know you want too :wink: I think Motorpoint have the Golf in stock, as do a few other places that i've seen advertised.
  20. Tango is very similar and has replaced Deep Rosso Red. Its quite a nice colour and suits the FOcus. We have a Tango Red Fusion at work :D
  21. A £50 valet would be well worth the money spent
  22. Where in Cambs are you ? TCH have got some half decent offers on, like 3k off a 2.0 TDCi Ghia, just use the Satmford branch as Peterborough are not nice :wink:
  23. I've seen the ST in orange and in 5 door form and it looks much better than the 3 door
  24. On the data plate, usually under the bonnet on the slam panel
  25. So the racing Puma doesn't hold its value - well a decent one is still over 10k. Most RS's are around £15k and good ones are nearer 17k when they are 3 years old and only 20k new I think you will find the depreciation is quite low. The RS is destined to be a future classic
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