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  1. The RS is going to be a collectors item and will hold its money well, the ST will only ever be a Focus and in a years time will be a great bargin. So depending on your circumstances, i'd take the ST if you just want a car that you don't have to worry about or the RS if you want to hold onto your investment and are prepared not to leave the car anywhere
  2. Obviously your not a hothatch fan, otherwise you would know the reasoning behind the tartan seats. As for dull ? how can a Golf be any more dull than a Focus or Astra. There all mainstream cars and not matter what you do they still show there roots.
  3. MkV, the only vectra I considered was the V6 diesel, but I'm not keen on the dash layout. All Mondey's and Vectras are bargins when they are 6 months old
  4. Vectra ................ :roll: :lol:
  5. Got it in the Golf and it certainly lights up the area around the gearstick. Its a gimick but a nice one :D
  6. Are they imports then ? usually only imports are pre - registered, I cannot see Ford pre regging Focus ST's
  7. And Audi are going to LeMans with a diesel.
  8. How many ST TDCi Mondeos are sold in comparrison to the ST220, I would like to see a more performance based version of the Focus Diesel, I wouldn't consider the Titanium with a bigger engine an option. To me for a top of the range product the titanium does not look anything special
  9. try www.fordpartsuk.com they'll see you a genuine ford one but cheaper than your dealer will. Also bare in mind the Argos one won't very well. The ford ones fit and look factroy like you would expect
  10. It'll be know as a the ST, just as the rest of them are. It's only the RS's that get shortend to FRS, ERST, etc
  11. Don't be so gay for fcku's sake And what may I ask is wrong with Diesels ? Fair question if you ask me. Your not upset because one thrashed you on the road today are you? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. The 170ps Golf will hapeen (just gone into the Seat) although I doubt it will the diesel version of the GTi , just a GT
  13. Its winter, you have the heated screen on, the heat turned up, the lights on etc, all of this outs added strain on the electrical system leading to fuel economy dropping.
  14. Hopefully it'll be powered by the Volvo D5 lump thats just been dropped into the Focus's sister car - the V50, 180bhp anyone :D
  15. don't worry about the colour, you don't notice it from the drivers seat :wink:
  16. I've seen the VXR too, our local dealer has a demo car. It looks a lot more...agressive than the Focus.
  17. I've seen red and that matches, the one's that I have seen on transporters all look good too :D
  18. I think cameras bring out the worst of colour matching.
  19. I've seen the Orange and the colour looked perfect, I don't see what all the fuss is about.
  20. Go for the 110ps version if you can, it'll be a little underpowered.
  21. I make 1 & 1/2 tanks 80 litres, 182_blue, I can accept that demos get a hard time and wouldn't go by any of there figures, everyone that drives a demo use's it hard. The garage where I got my Golf from, the salesman had a GTI and he was averaging 29mpg and it wasn't really lent out to anyone. If the ST could manage 30mpg in normall driving I'd consider it acceptable, anything less is a long way down from an average of 45mpg
  22. I'm guessing but I make that 22mpg, when loosened up I guess it will give a bit more, but not in the way a diesel will so an average figure of around 26-27mpg which is something I couldn't consider as much as I like the ST. The Golf GTi seems to give around 35mpg which I would consider....but then they don't do it in Orange :cry:
  23. I'd go aftermarket but i'd go for Alpine if money was no object or Pioneer if you didn't want to spend much more than£1100
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