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  1. You get good and bad with everything, i've just gone from Focus to Golf...and so far mines been ok. Depending on what Audi you are coming out of I'd say go for a 2.0 TDCi in Zetec Climate trim. Be warned though the materials used in the Audi are much better
  2. Has it got half leather seats ? if so it will be the titanium, if however it has a 4 spoke steering wheel and cruise control its a ghia
  3. Private...around £12500 ? Dealer PX £11750
  4. ALl Focus Estate 1.6 TDCi's get discs on the back here.
  5. The zetec climate is a very good car and out of the range probably the best one to pick. The only downside to the ford automatics is that the diesel - only available as 90ps is very hard to get hold of, the petrol - again only 90ps , no VCTi, is you cannot have a 2.0 diesel lump that would work very well witht he autobox. We have one at work (somewhere in brighton) and as far as I know the driver likes the car.
  6. Erm doesn't the new Focus have the same suspension as the Mk1 ? So if they wouldn't remove it from the first version why would they remove it from the Mk2 ? I'd doubt very much FOrd would develope a specific engine for the RS, certainly something that ford have never built before -straight 6 .... there was a rumour that the Jag might get something like it but I thought it was going to be diesel.
  7. If you don't mind losing money order the ST now, and it should be with you sometime early next year. No Ford dealer is giving discounts, not even Drive the deal are. I'd keep the Golf another 6months and then go for the ST, all the bugs should have been noted with fixes for them and there should be discounts to be had. I take it you are flogging the golf privatly ?
  8. With the other car which is fixed the first fix was to clean the fuel system, it didn't work dispite them finding an insect in the fuel pipe :lol: next time the replaced a sensor and recalibrated the guages and it works now :D
  9. This car is a 1.6 TDCi Euro 3, its an 04 car. We have had a similar problem with another C-Max although that has been sorted. None of the new shape Focus's have shown any problems, they are all 1.6 TDCi's and there is about 8 of them
  10. Dealers done that, and it broke down on them :lol: Its got to be some kind of sensor, the car is bone dry but still say's it has fuel. I'm waiting for Fords response. They can take the car away and give the home a loan car while they fix it :wink:
  11. Not sure, the problem is the vehicle is attached toa care home, and its getting to the stage where they are refusing to use the car. The last time the fault happened the car was reading something like 70 miles to empty with the tank showing 1/4 full, however at its worst it has said 220 then after 5 miles of driving it said 0 and broke down. The car is actually running out of fuel, its not getting low its completly dry. The RAC are taking 20 mins to get it running after it stops.
  12. The fuel sensor has been replaced. The thing is I can understand the engine shutting down to save the HP pump but whats the point in the car saying there is 1/2 a tank of fuel ?
  13. Has anyone on here had problems with there C-Max running out of fuel despite the fuel gauge and trip computer telling you there is still fuel in the tank ? If so can you post below and the outcome, I've got a troublesome C-Max that I am about to take issue with Ford over. Cheers Steve
  14. Options will get nothing back, they will just make it easier to sell, I'd guess somewhere around 11k, depends on what you PX it against though
  15. Yes but the difference to users depends on there tax, 22 or 40 % they are then charged 15% on the P11d price for the Euro 4 car and 18% of the P11d for the Euro 3,
  16. The demand for Euro 4 is huge, and I doubt very much you will get a car registered before the end of the year. Although providing a car has been given a chassis number it can be registered even if its a pile of bits. The difference between the 2 prices isn't that great. If you go for the 1.8 version it is Euro 4 compliant compared to the 1.6/2.0 which needs the DPF to make it Euro 4
  17. It doesn't that looks like one of the cars that was on show at the RSOC national day. It looks better with the blue trim
  18. Good luck with the Focus, I went the other way. I picked the GT TD over the Focus. For me the Golf was more comfortable, is finshed slightly better and has a few nice touches. Mines grey lether inside and TBH the focus is just as dark, the golfs dash is also soft touch and the gaps where the dash and doors meet is much better on the Golf, the golf when chipped will hit 185bhp. the handaling and brakes are better on the Focus though, although I if given the choice again I would still pick the Golf.
  19. but if you look it at the other way, would you put your money into a car knowing you are going to lose lots ? I still think the GTi looks better, if ford change the wheels on the ST then I might reconsider.
  20. Colorado Red is fine, Tonic and Magnum I will confirm when I see them. Machine isn't 100% but TBH I wouldn't expect them to be. My metropolis blue bumpers never matched the paintwork
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