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  1. I'd gladly make my own if I needed to..... I'm just a liability with saws/power tools :lol:
  2. Not sure how to remove the door cards but the speakers will be 6.5" components that are rivetted into custom mounts. To replace them you'll either need to carefully drill out the rivets and fit the new speakers to the existing mounts, make new mounts from MDF or I believe the Mondeo speaker adaptors will work.
  3. Go for a run and give the aircon a decent working over, see if you get a puddle again :wink:
  4. Thanks for posting back on this, must get mine looked at soon although the crappy weather means I don't really need it for the time being :lol:
  5. To be honest, aircon doesn't use a great deal more fuel, they did a test a Myth Busters where it was established that at speeds under 40-50MPH you're better off opening the windows and over those speeds use the aircon. Or as a compromise, give the aircon a blat when you first get in to get things nice & cool, then turn it off and try to maintain with ambient air?
  6. Having a similar problem with mine (55 plate 2.0 TDCi) From what my mate's diagnostic machine was saying, the high pressure switch might be at fault. Need to get it vacuum'd and re-gassed and will see what's what then.
  7. That's a long wait!!!! Had the same thing when I ordered my first Focus back in 2000. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait though and I've heard nothing but good things about the little ecoboost engines!
  8. I was informed the setting dont make any difference when at low speeds. e.g over 30mph the sports setting will stiffen up the steering but below that you may as well have it on comfort It's pretty much the opposite..... on pretty much any car, the faster you go the less assistance you need/get. IMO, all the selectable options do is change the amount of assistance at low speeds so comfort will be a lot "lighter" than sport when parking for example but comfort and sport will feel the same at 40MPH+
  9. I know I do :lol: Life hasn't been the same since I did away with my 2 12's but I keep getting reminded I'm 35 years old and should have grown out of it by now :lol:
  10. I wish I hadn't seen this....... sooooo easy to get the wiring in for the amp I'm tempted to put my gear back in my new focus :lol:
  11. Yeah, once you've set the steering, move the selector down and I think it's the next option.
  12. Are you choosing the "save to key" option before exiting the steering setting menu?
  13. My 55 plate 2.0 TDCi Titanium has this feature. Only used Sport or Comfort to date and there's a significant difference between the two to be honest!
  14. IMVHO...... a big fat NO!!!!! They are the furthest thing from cool and cars sporting them or other such items like: "Powered by fairydust" stickers Headlight eye lashes Flashing LED dust caps Spinners To name but a few, should be nuked on sight and burned just to make sure :lol:
  15. I wouldn't even bother running new wires to the doors tbh, I never did :wink: If you can seal up the inner skin as much as possible it's better, you're effectively turning the door into a speaker box. If you can't then not a major biggy. The main aim is to * * * * as much mass to the metal to stop it resonating with the speaker which effectively reduces output :wink: I had to replace the window motor in my old focus with the deadening matt applied. If you're careful you can peel it off and stick it back after :)
  16. I doubt the inner skin will come off fella, just stick deadening behind the speaker and any other bits you can reach :wink:
  17. This may give you a better idea http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... 04#1657104
  18. I think there's some hidden screws under/behind the grab handle but I've not taken my door cards off yet so I'll keep an eye on theis thread :lol:
  19. It would seem after hitting google that it's a generic code relating to boost performance but apparently it will need further investigation to narrow down what the actual problem is.
  20. That's what I was thinking too. Had a load of stereo gear nicked from my old Focus, also had the whole car nicked too but that's only 'cos they nicked the keys from the cricket changing room :evil:
  21. CAT 1 = Alarm* and electronic engine immobiliser* CAT 2 = Electronic engine immobiliser* CAT 3 = Mechanical immobilisation* i.e. steering wheel lock *Thatcham approved I'm pretty sure that cars manufacturered from around 2000 onwards needed to be CAT2 as a minumum, hence the term "millenium theft" being applied to the act of thieves breaking into people house to steal the keys as this is pretty much the only way to nick a car these days.
  22. At a minimum it will be CAT 2. As far as I know, ALL focus models from day one came with an immobiliser, some of the higher end models came with an alarm which would make them CAT 1.
  23. To be honest unless you're going to go for a lot more power, just upgrading the discs/pads will be perfectly OK. Don't forget, if you change the brakes to those of another model you'll need to declare it as another mod to your insurance company :wink:
  24. At a guess, a change to the design of the exhaust has already voided your warranty. Most companies will try and wriggle out of any warranty claim at the best of times and mods will only give them more ammunition to do so. Perhaps if you had an unrelated fault you might be lucky but I'm sure they could/would argue that any engine problems you might want to claim for might be down to a non-stnadard exhaust :?
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