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  1. Just configured a new Focus on Ford's website....... The Drivers Assist Pack which gives you pretty much everything above is an extra £750 on the Titanium X :shock: Adaptive cruise control is another £750
  2. The DVLA only cae about who they can send the fines too :lol:
  3. The V5C is only the vehicle registration document. For instance, you could buy a car for your other half and register it in her name but the vehicle actually belongs to you. A sales invoice would be one form of proof of ownership.
  4. That makes sense as I think the newer Focus is heavier too.
  5. This is a standard feature of aircon on pretty much every car, the smaller/less powerful the engine the more noticeable the problem. The aircon unit needs quite a bit of energy to make it work and it effectively steals this from the engine. In my Dad's old Vectra diesel, you had to turn the aircon off before you could overtake anything on a motorway :lol:
  6. Yes, I agree but if the actual lead was doing something then the lead substitute must do something too, that being the case neither will be too good in an engine designed for unleaded fuel :wink:
  7. Sounds like you contradict yourself there.... if it counters lead not being in petrol then surely it can't be good for and engine/fuel system that's been designed not to use lead :? And then your last sentence reinforces the sentiment that it's not a good thing.... or at least that's how I read it :? :lol:
  8. Where are you going to dump 55L of useless fuel? :lol:
  9. I have a feeling that lead could kill your CAT and probably do a lot of damage. If you have breakdown cover it might be worth calling them for a bit of info and then possibly to tow you to a garage.
  10. I think you need to work on the basis that Ford will try and wriggle out of a warranty claim even if your service book has more stamps than a post office! I think I remember someone on here saying they missed a service by 1000 miles and the dealership told him his warranty was void :shock: With regards to getting another garage to service it and keeping the warrantly, provided original Ford parts are used, the full service schedule is maintained and you have VAT receipts as proof you should be covered
  11. Same. Traction control rules too!! Well impressed with the difference it makes. Agreed!!! My car park was a nightmare but in the end I just sat there giving it a reasonable amount of throttle and let the electronics do their job :lol:
  12. ABS can be a PITA in the snow, especially when the snow's fresh. If you lock the wheels up in a controlled manner, you get a kinda wedge of snow forming in front of the tyres which help you stop but as ABS limits the locking of the wheels it can take you a lot longer to stop. Personally I tend to back off the brake a little when I feel the ABS kick in :wink:
  13. It's not normal but it does happen. Sounds like there's quite a bit of moisture in your car, this has condensated on the screen then frozen as it's gone sub-zero in your car. Run the aircon when you drive as this will dry the air out a little. Also check for damp carpets in case you've got water ingress somewhere :wink:
  14. Didn't do the journey in my focus, it was a hired 1.6 zetec but I drove from Shoebury (Essex), to Harlow and then on to Liverpool. Did a 3 hour meeting and then drove back to Leicester, stayed the night there and 3 hour meeting the next morning then drove back to Essex. Think it was about 600 miles or so and I found the focus extremely comfortable. My manager was with me and is used to a lot bigger/luxurious cars and he commented on how comfortable it was too.
  15. Funnily enough I was picking my bro up from a Ford dealership who were trying to revive his transit connect with only 1800 miles on the clock and he said he'd been speaking to a bloke that'd taken his '05 focus in for a recall on the fan wiring loom that can corrode and catch light :shock: Best get it done soon as fella!
  16. SexyJW, we can test it if you like..... you sit in the car, I'll deadlock it, then blip it again and we shall see if you can get out :wink: :lol:
  17. I've never driven a car with EBD/ABD but from what I've heard there's a lot of research that suggests that many accidents could be avoided if the driver applied ful braking force at an earlier stage. These systems are designed to recognise the signs of when there's an emergency braking situation and whack the brakes on as hard as possible.
  18. Dunno about the MK2 but the MK1/1.5 were every 3 years/37.5K miles.
  19. I've had my estate since new (2000), it's a petrol so I can't comment on the engine side of things seeing as you're looking at diesels, however the load space is fantastic. Even with a 12" sub in the boot, I still managed to fit a large push chair, 2 good size overnight bags, a laptop bag and manged to conceal it all using the luggage cover! 8)
  20. Off topic but not strictly true as provided the engine is up to temparature it's actually beneficial to red line it once in a while. Someone who's a little more mechanically minded could probably explain better but it's IIRC it's something to do with the valve seats and running it to maximum revs stops them from going hard or soft (can't remember which way round :lol:) The rev limiter is there to stop the engine being damaged, I'm not saying it's a good place to be all the time but bouncing off it in 2nd from time to time isn't a bad thing :wink:
  21. Dunno how different the MK2 1.8 engine is to the MK1 but my 1.8 MK1 will nearly hit 60 in 2nd and on a private test track will redline around an indicated 90MPH. Again, on a private test track it will sit at 90 at 4K RPM.
  22. I haven't got an ST or Titanium but.... :lol: I very much doubt any insurance company will give you a discount as the alarm/immobiliser are standard/dealer fit meaning they'll already have on their systems that the car is alarmed/immobilised. To that effect, the only security device that may bring your premium down is a Tracker. With regards to ESP (Electronic Stability Program), by using multiple sensors, the ESP works out where the car is going and where it thinks you are trying to go. For instance, you go barelling into a bend/corner too fast and it feels the front wheels slipping, it will take action to try and get you going where you wanted to go, in this instance probably by reducing the power to the front wheels. It also has the ability to brake any of the wheels independantly to correct difficult situations. However, as good as it is, if you are intent on throwing your car into a ditch it wont stop you :lol:
  23. If you've got a satnav or can borrow one from a friend then that'd be the best way to check :wink:
  24. I'm going to hazard a guess that the average speed will be calculated by dividing the distance covered by the time the engine is running for.
  25. Because I sense epic amounts of fail PMSL!!!
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