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  1. Thanks - I'll probably go down the USB stick route. I'll even take a few with me when I collect it
  2. Hi all, Am collecting a very nicely specced up 2010 Titanium early next week after taking it for a test drive today and doing the deal. The car has the advanced bluetooth/voice control/USB connect factory fitted. In the centre console are a USB socket, a 3.5mm jack socket and a 12v power socket. There is also what looks like a holster for an iPod. I'm assuming that I can just plug a USB memory stick in and the stereo will be able to play tracks from it? How do I get iPod control to work though? Can I even do that? Many thanks - Rob
  3. Thanks - thought so, have to make sure it's done as part of the sale negotiations. Any idea roughly what the cost would be at a Ford Dealership?
  4. I'm in the process of trading in my Mk1.5 for a Mk2.5. Will be test driving the new car on saturday and taking a look @ the service history. Can anyone who has a M2.5 advise what the suggested brake fluid change interval is please. If it hasn't been done and it should have been then I'll use this as a bargaining chip. Its just turned 2 years old and was serviced @ 12 months and 24 months. Thanks - Rob
  5. Thanks, I'm going to use the Ford OEM parts so hopefully the Ford loom should just plug in somewhere. Does anyone know for sure. Understood about the holes - but hopefully there is a mark on the inside of the bumpers to know exactly where to drill? Any other comments welcomed ...........
  6. Hi, Am looking to buy a Mk2.5 without sensors and retrofit. I can find a guide for the Mk2, but not the 2.5, is there one please? I guess I drill my bumper, if so are there marks on the inside and what size does the hole have to be? The sensors themselves are colour coded, but if I buy used ones can I spray them the correct colour or is that a no/no? Does the loom/module just plug into the main car loom somewhere at all and is there a grommit for the loom to get inside the car or is a hole required? I think that's it, hopefully I haven't forgotten anything at all? Thanks - Rob
  7. Hi, I have an old (54) reg Focus and have also just taken delivery of an ST TDci Mondeo. Its got the factory fitted "Premium" Bluetooth car kit - which also appears to be available on the new Focus. So, my question is - do any of you good people have either the Premium or Advanced factory fitted kit in your Focus? It works ok - but as far as I can see only operates in Bluetooth mode in a similar way to a BT headset - i.e the audio is routed via the stereo. I can't seem to scroll thrpugh my phone's address book. When used in the cradle (optional for a Nok 6230i) I can get the address
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