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  1. they quoted me £500 for the clutch to supply and fit and if it needed the flywheel then the bill went up to around £900 my clutch was still operational i just took it in to get it checked out an examiner passed comment about it when my car was out on a test with a pupil, just hadnt got round to taking it in to be checked. didnt have any issues getting it done under warranty, service guy put it down a system for "prior approval" and it came back as accepted, i take it as the clutch facings were fine thats why they approved it. its been murder work wise having to move pupils about and so on, im just thankful that i dont have a test until mid august so there is no real pressure on at the moment. my advice is to get yours in and get it checked b4 they do turn around and say its not covered. ive got reservations over how reliable this new focus is going to be, cant see me keeping it too long, had issues with the focus titanium 1.6 125 petrol engine where it had no power what so ever, ford said there was no problem with it, yet later they changed the gear ratios on it as customers were complaining and now they have since scrapped the engine for the 1.0 turbo ecoboost. sums up the 1.6 engine for me. the 1.6 tdci 115 engine is a cracker, plenty of power but reservations over this clutch issue, yes im a driving instructor, im teaching pupils to drive not to destroy the car. I can see me moving away from ford when it comes time to change.
  2. My 2011 "11" reg Focus Titanium 1.6 Tdci 115 stop/start developed a grinding noise when moving off on s hill in first gear. Took it into ford and a mechanic took it for a drive and said it was either the clutch or the flywheel. Booked the car in for two days last monday and they took the gearbox out to find the clutch release bearing was danaged however the clutch facings were all fine. Ford agreed to replace the clutch under warranty (which im shocked at as my car is used for driving tuition) i was promised the car back on tuesday last week which was then delayed until friday and further delayed to today monday 23rd, i phoned up about an hour ago only to be told the clutch still hasnt arrived, told me they have the paperwork for it but no part as yet. Not impressed that its taking over a week to replace a clutch.
  3. not 100% sure whos supplying it! im insured with c & a mackie but not sure whos sending the car up
  4. the problem is that the car hire place is in blackpool and they didnt have a driver available until thursday to being it up to glasgow. wont loose anything tho as i will claim loss of earnings. the garage are saying my car will be fixed in around 10-14 days time - third party insurance have already admitted liability.
  5. I'm fine mate, just a little shaken. an 82 year old man failed to give way when he was crossing the path of on coming traffic aka me, he was driving an automatic renault secnic and he pressed the gas instead of the brake. the police are charging the guy for careless and dangerous driving and its likely that the dvla will revoke his licence due to his age. not getting a courtesy car until thursday tho which is a pain as im a driving instructor they need to get me a dual controlled courtesy car which is taking for ever to get! the joys! Bryan
  6. ive got a mk3 focus titanium 1.6 tdci with stop/start if thats what you mean be econetic? the only thing ive noticed with mines is when pressing the clutch down there is about 2-3cm of travel with no resistance (ford say this is what triggers off the stop/start) as its already been said the brake on all cars sits slightly higher than the gas pedal and to be fair ive never noticed a problem with mines. sadly my car was involved in an accident on monday afternoon and its currently in the bodyshop pending repair estimates and so on so i cannot go out and have a look at the actual dimentions of the pedals however once my car is out the bodyshop I will have a look and let you know the findings. bryan
  7. ive got a 1.6 tdci mk3 which is used for driving tuition and im getting around 45 mpg from it. I did have a 1.6 125 petrol titanium and it was a pile of poo the diesel is a million times better
  8. p5byn

    New Focus

    had my 1.6 125 bhp titanium from 6th september and ran it until 13th december covered 9265 miles in it and i had enough. car is lovely but the engine just wasnt up to the job, ford are apparently working on a ecu download for it due to the amount of complaints from customers about the sheer lack of power from the engine.
  9. p5byn

    New Focus

    car i had before the 125 1.6 was a mk2.5 titanium 1.6 100 bhp and that engine was a million times better then the 1.6 125.
  10. p5byn

    New Focus

    5dr and an estate lovely car to drive, avoid the 1.6 105 and 1.6 125 petrol versions as they are really sluggish
  11. shouldnt take 4 weeks for delivery. we got our family lunar sky focus titanium delivered 10 days after it rolled off the production line.
  12. will give you a full rundown report on it when i get my new tuition car next week as my car tents to do about two years worth of mileage and work in 7 months :D
  13. thats the same as the one that was in the showroom, lunar sky, 18" wheels, and apperance pack the colour is stunning :-)
  14. if a bring it nae bother. honestly i wasnt totaly sold on it until i drove it, still say the mk1 is the best looking focus, the new looks have grown on me. some say its a fat fiesta which it is however its alot better then the fiesta its defo a massive step forward. yous can have a go in my work car when i get it if yous want, danny has already called shotgun on the first go!
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