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  1. In a similar way, I noticed little of the problem when I first had the new gearbox but after a month or so it was as bad as the first gearbox. I am still persuing the issue with Ford Customer Relations which is a bit like pulling teeth! My original gearbox completely seized up eventually. What was the actual reason for replacing yours? Has anyone else had to have the CVT gearbox replaced and for what reason?Thanks.
  2. I have a C MAX diesel CVT auto 1.6 I am on my second gearbox after only 8 months and it is not going too well. My dealer claims its TURBO LAG and all Ford diesels have it. My problem, (complete loss of transmission for a second while driving), seems to me to be nothing like turbo lag. Does anyone know why Ford have withdrawn the CVT auto box from all new cars? My dealer just claims ignorance and doesn't seem to want to do anything. PS Any one had starter motor problems. I am on my second starter motor and ring gear and they still don't always mesh properly.
  3. Obviuosly a keen internet user to be on it so quickly after Petts Wood! I am not finding it that easy to navigate around the web site. What is the 'sticky' section?
  4. I have a new Desiel auto Cmax CVT. Since new I have an intermittent problem in that at lowish speeds and usually when manouvering, if I ease off on the excellerator and then go to accellerate again there is a blank spot of about one second with no transmission. It only happens when moving and not from a standing start. It is totally unpredictable and I can't make it happen to will. My dealer says they know nothing of such a fault. The service manager hopes to ask around when he next goes on a training refresher. I would like to know if any other owners have had a similar problem or indeed know what might cause it. Thanks.
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