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  1. i have noticed my steering wheel has gone a bit stiff and steering to the left side especially when i turn the corners or at give ways when i want to turn left it is getting a bit out of control....i really need to get grips on my steering wheel.when turning left.. anybody know what the fault is and why this is happening.anybody else have had this problem cheers
  2. i always thought ratchet noise would cause a damage to the handbrake :? well that is what i was told....many years ago
  3. what do majority of you do pull the lever or pres the buttoni have always pressed the button...
  4. i parked my car downhill on a steep hill..when i was ready to go my handbrake would t go down it was so tight..i used both hands still it would not go..then waited few minutes at down it went..but it would not go up..so i was panicking..so i avoided going uphill just in case i need my handbrake..so while i was driving along i heard a click....si i stopped my car and handbrake was working....has anybody else had a same problem??? it is working as normal now... is it worth taking it to ford dealers and get it checked again..i would not like it to ever happen again specially on a busy junctio
  5. everything is sorted out now.. :D .booked it in at dealers today m8...been busy at WORK so only got round taking it today... there did it free of charge as i still have warranty...hope u got yours sorted out aswell m8..one problem where does these 2 screws fit as 1 headlight is loose :? cheers
  6. thank you for fitting them on for me.. :D .as u have seen the car really looks absolutly fab now thanxs 2 u m8 :wink: ..i will post the pictures soon..when i have washed the car will let u know about the grille...hopefully tommorow :)
  7. thanxs m8... what area do u live m8...i would be happy to pay you to fit them on for me
  8. thanxs for the help guys..do i take it to a local mechanic then? or a the guys that do electrics? also would it affect my warranty with ford?
  9. i have rang my local ford dealers for a price for a quote to have fog lights fitted he has quoted me £2,000 :shock: : which he stated is hard work with fitting wires and whole day being spent...is that a correct price or is he trying to con me :?
  10. going in service on thursday ford have priced service at £155.00 is this average price for a service? :?
  11. my car was last serviced nov 2006..is it worth taking it for a service..as i have not had any problems yet..just worried about cold weather we are getting at the moment.
  12. would i get MOT reminder in the post? as mine is 55 plate not due until next year :D
  13. looking nice rocky m8 :) how much did there cost from the dealers? also roughly how long did it take to put them up cheers
  14. i woulnt be behind u.i would be in front of u m8:lol: Sim103 - you came up behind me on the M25 after FITP. I thought I had an ST behind me but I could tell it wasn't a real one as the tyres looked to skinny!
  15. would these fit in to my focus http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FORD-FOCUS-05-C-M ... dZViewItem
  16. i need to fit fog lights to my focus. any good places on internet.i cant see anyone selling them on ebay.
  17. looks fab m8 :D for ya get it checked again in few weeks.to make sure the springs have settled
  18. here is mine fitted by ford dealers lowered by 30mm cost me £363.00 BEFORE LOWERING AFTER 30MM EIBACHS LOWERED
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