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  1. Ivor - Sorry to hear about your Mother, that's tough - I am sorry. Seems like you're a real Ford man judging by your photos and the cars you've had - Fair play and well done. The XT badges weren't thing but then that's what makes this site interesting. You've got a really nice Focus Ivor - Don't be put off by a few comments - As I've said there are some shockers on here. Take it easy - Mike :?
  2. Ivor's happy with his motor, which is the main thing - I've seen some real shockers in the Forecourt section and this is nowhere near that - Individual taste guys. I am a bit biased though owning the same car (without badges though).
  3. Mine must be an XT too! but it says Titanium on log book.
  4. SORTED! - Spent about 10 minutes looking under rear bumper and noticed a rouge bit of tape hidden. That located the missing wire......plugged into multiplug and all working. Thanks - Mike
  5. Thanks - The rest of the system seems to be working ok apart from the tail gate. There is a multi plug directly under the bumper but no wiring to be connected. As it's been working there must be some other fault. Looked through the forumn and can't locate other queries similar to mine. I presume the side wall in the boot is behind the carpet. Any other comments /suggestions welcome. Mike
  6. Hi Chaps Had my 58 plate Mk2.5 Focus since October. Someone marked my rear bumper a couple of weeks ago, so had it repaired. My car has the key free system and parking sensors. Picked her up today and am really pleased with the bumper finish, but got back to work and noticed that although the key free system works it doesn't on the tail gate, ie doesn't appear to be sensing key and won't allow you to lock either. Took it back to repairer who said they weren't sure what it is. Took it to Ford who said that they'd have to hook up to pc, but needed to book in. I can't believe it's anything
  7. Sat nav direction indicator guys.
  8. It's only got 3k on it - Sure it's fine, just wondered if anyone else with a diesel push button notices the same. Thanks - Mike
  9. Hi Chaps My 2l TDCi has keyless start. This is all fine, but when I switch the car the engine stops and feels `lumpy'. It's probably fine but wondered whether anyone else has a diesel with push button start and whether theres is the same. Thanks - Mike
  10. Hi Chaps My 58 plate Titanium seems to use a lot of screen washer. It's the time of year when I'm probably using it alot and with the headlight washers as well, I suspect some goes there. However, today I noticed some drops under the car, under washer bottle. I didn't spill and wonder before I go to the hassle of booking in at Ford's, whether there is an overflow or similar OR whether others have noticed this. Comments/suggestions welcome. Thanks - Mike
  11. Hi Dave I have the premium touch sat nav and bluetooth. I had issues on the last 2.5 Focus Titanium also and the fault was the wrong bluetooth module installed. Should work - Do not accept their excuses! Mike
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