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  1. This was unveiled 6 months ago... Link Link 2
  2. Yeah, I'm kinda favouring the outright purchase of an older car again now. My wife can get staff rate loans from her employer with low interest rates. At least I'll have something to show for it in 3 years.
  3. If anyone is on Ford Options Finance scheme could you possibly drop me a PM letting me know what your monthly repayments are? I'm looking at an example for a Focus costing approx 17k if poss, where a small deposit was paid. All being well I am due a company car in 3 years but I need one to keep me going in the meantime. I thought it might work out better to get a brand new Focus on a 3 year options scheme and hand it back in 3 years rather than take out a personal loan then be stuck with an older car, larger monthly repayments and the hassle of selling the car privately later on. Only pro
  4. My dad's Mk2 1.6 Ti-VCT Sport is much, much quieter and smoother than my ST170. Try taking a drive in a Mk1 then get back into the Mk2, it'll seem like a magic carpet! How big are the wheels on your Focus? Getting smaller wheel/bigger tyres might help.
  5. No! You can only use Bluefin on one car at a time. It'll need to be reset by Superchips before using on another Focus. AFAIK the reset cost is not much different to buying a new one... :cry:
  6. I didn't think you could get non-Xenon projectors on the Focus? All the ST's I've seen have had either standard headlights or Xenons...
  7. Looks much better. Don't like the placement of the Focus badge on the mk 2.5, caused by the bigger number plate strip. The ST looks worst with the ST badge in the top right and Focus in the bottom left.
  8. I love it, bang up to date, much better than the dated tacky fake wood! :twisted:
  9. I got mine from Team Torquesteer. Being an FFOC member I believe you get a discount too :wink:
  10. I love the Titanium Sport 18's, my favorite Focus MkII Wheels. I personally prefer them to the ST wheels. 8)
  11. AFAIK the door mirrors are not part of an MOT check, the heating element certainly isn't. However, if my dad damaged my car in any way I'd be sending him down to a main dealer to get it sorted properly, and not a Blue Peter job from Halfrauds :wink:
  12. 20mpg in a 1.6 :shock: :shock: :shock: I get 25+ Urban in my ST170, and that includes a few 'traffic light GP's' :!:
  13. I'm not sure when its due but some spy shots can be found here... http://www.channel4.com/4car/gallery/sp ... -cmax.html Looks like its gonna have the same nose as the new Galaxy. Seems a bit strange they change it when they have only just put the c-max nose on the rest of the Focus range :roll:
  14. Get some LED sidelight bulbs! Got some in my ST170 Xenons. They create a brilliant Whitish Blue Xenon colour which matchs the headlights perfectly :twisted:
  15. I think I have seen one of these round my area (Rayleigh), looks lovelly!
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