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  1. Thanks again for all the replies. Nick this will be my first diesel, the only reason I am considering is that £/£ there is little price difference 2nd hand. Also I tend to keep my cars for a good time so even if the diesel car does cost a little more to purchase in the first instance, during my ownership this would be of little concern. I commute about 8000 miles and then have leisure travel on top of that. This will increase once the baby has arrived with move trips to see the out-laws. I have not arranged any test drives yet but do prefer a bit of performance. I currently have a Rove
  2. Thanks for the replies Terry and Andy, my second car is a TVR so I know how forums can be. I have had not problems with my car (although I am now hugging a tree just in case) but others just seem to have a catalogue of issues. In regards to dealers, I have Payne's in Hinckley just around the corner they seem quite small so that may also help.
  3. Hi all, A newbie here and have recently been considering a C-Max particularly one of the diesels. Most surprised to read of the issues debated here, are they across the whole diesel range (any worse than others) and are there also issues with the petrol engines. The car seems to tick so many boxes for our needs, looks good for an MPV and is dynamically interesting in comparision to other vehicles in its class. I just cannot justifty spending around £10,000 on car that may not be all that reliable. Is this really the case!
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