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  1. I had an injector seal go on my C-Max, luckilly this doesn't smell anything like it but I will be keeping an eye on it lol Thanks mate
  2. Hi all, got home from work and on the last part of the journey I pulled up at a roundabout and thought "jesus that chavved up Vectra 2 cars back has a throaty exhuast on it", pulled up outside the house and realised it was my car! Also there was quite a hefty "hot" smell from the car and at first a slight chemical/metallic tinge to the smell. I stopped the car, went in, got changed, came out, started it and the note has gone back to normal. Any ideas? My first thought was the cat..... *gulp* Car is a 1.6TDCi Zetec S. Thanks Paul.
  3. Hi all, Been away from the forum for quite a while, been having email/net issues and finally resolved. Anyhoo, guy at my work whose disabled has a new facelift C-Max which someone has smashed the rear LED light cluster. Ford want £180 for the light unit plus almost another £100 to fit it. How hard can it be? I'm assuming once the trim panel inside is popped off which has the rear seat belt running through it, you can access the wiring/bolts? Is there a sealing strip that comes with them? Any advice is appreciated as he's getting all flustered about it and whether he can afford to hav
  4. Ive personally got nothing bad to say about this forum. I paid up because I didnt want to be scrounging for info/help and look like I wasnt prepared to give something back but the help I have recieved has been limited, probably more due to there being many more Focus drivers than C-Max drivers. I'd personally prefer it if it was on a donation system like other forums I frequent. I normally donate to the hosting/running costs if I fit in/find what im looking for or just can see myself being a long standing member. But anyway, Im sure the mods wont lose any sleep over losing members, if we d
  5. I paid to be a member but I wont be renewing my membership, I've had help with issues I've had but the C-Max forum seems to be fairly inactive in comparison to other areas, several posts I've started have recieved no or little response and it seems to be the same people answering posts(not knocking it) but for me the help isnt widespread enough to warrant renewing if i'm honest. Maybe its just the C-Max owners are few and far between compared with regular Focus drivers but I would expect to see those areas becoming members only as well.
  6. You can decode it from the VIN number Your VIN number is WF0MXXGCDM??99999 ?? is the build date My VIN number is WF0MXXGCDM4K99999 So 4K is my build date The 4 represents 2004, the K represents June. So my car was built in June 2004. Unfortunately I don't know the month codes for the builds after 2004 but I am sure that if you post yours, someone could decode it for you. Even though my car was registered Oct 04 it is GCDM3M on my VIN so that suggests its a late 2003 model. Or not? lol
  7. The website give the build dates of cars affected. You will still have to use the dealer to get the recall work done. Faith and dealer in the same sentence??? LoL bob Exactly mate lol I know when my C-Max was registered but dont know when it was built.....unless its on the V5(Paul frantically tries to find his V5 to stop himself looking an idiot lol)
  8. Regarding that VOSA website, is there a way that I can find out if my C-Max is affected by any of the recalls without having to put faith in the dealer?
  9. Tried some ACF50 which lubricates like a mo-fo but it did release the plunger but it stuck down again but will keep the old unit just in case. :)
  10. Just replaced this, sealed it with weatherproof clear silicone sealant, works a treat now. £22 for the part though...ouch!
  11. I'm having the excact same problem, sluggish running and 3 times now its put me in a dangerous situation where it wont rev over 3000revs. Its going in on Jan 7th to be looked at.
  12. Hi all, need a bit of help, yes it might sound sad and pathetic but I'm at my wits end with Ford telling me there is nothing wrong and "its a characteristic of the car". I have an outstanding fault from months ago, which is that whilst driving or with the engine running at a standstill, you can hear a distinct hissing noise, like air escaping from a pressurised system. If you rest your foot on the brake pedal, the noise disappears until such time as you release the pedal again. If you press the brake pedal hard and release the noise stops completely but then returns gradually(like pressure
  13. Had the switch out and apart, was a fair bit of water inside and dirt, dried it out as best I could and the "plunger" switch did pop out as it was stuck down but as soon as it was pressed again it stuck and wouldnt free up. Looks like I'll have to be buying a new one.
  14. After you have removed those serews you simply unclip the trim. You do need to pull rather hard though :? Cheers mate!
  15. Has anyone made a How-To guide for changing this mate as I'd be interested in doing this to mine. Not that I know of. Chaning the airflow meter is very simple. It fits in line next to the airfilter box. Just undo the jubilee clips and remove, then undo 4 philips screws and exchange the part. Fantastic, how much is the airflow meter itself?
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