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  1. makes it easier to polish and wax with out little white bit being left :lol:
  2. should arrive at the dealers wednsday/thursday (expect pics :lol:) then road registered with my plate ect monday but then its of to get the windows tinted so hopefully next mid week. cant wait :D got some side stripes with zetec-s on them on order already :lol: seen lots of exterior carbon fibre goodies on the net but they are pretty expensive :cry:
  3. the guy went round it with a pen and sheet/clip board and noted it all down :lol:
  4. they look realy nice on your car mate. i thought they looked a bit naff but seeing them fitted on a car and think they look realy nice
  5. ms design front and rear spliter ms design side skirts st spoiler st/ghia mirror mod various colour coding twin 3" tail pipe front fogs lhd reverse light elite racing blackjacks 18"s interior styling pack 3 spoke sport leather steering wheel ghia sunglases holder center arm rest console vanity mirror lights st interior light (submarine) window wind deflectors rear parking sensors cc silver switch surround cc aluminium gear surround cc aluminium flip open ashtray sony mp3 head unit flip key ford projector headlamps climate control ford bluetooth kit think thats it :oops: they wan
  6. i will be realy sad to see the focus go i have to admit i realy think it looks mint with the ms kit and wheels :( hope it gets sent away it get sold not to some idiot who will trash it round here
  7. they said 5500 but when he looked at it i got offered 6200 for it. dealer said i was in negative equity before he seen it with the outstanding finance but managed to out of the negative. not going to say ive not lost out but at least the price i paid for the kit and getting it sprayed and fitted was made back as the dealers said its a ford kit :? so should help them get shot of it quick altho the guy said he cringed at first when i said i had a 1.4 5 door lx to trade in :lol: they said the mk2 will be loosing its value realy quick with the face lift out but i recon the better spec ones
  8. my focus is a 1.4 lx 5 door mate slow engine, very soft suspension no heated windscreen ect i just need the cheapo road tax and better miles per gallon for the longer trips to work
  9. just wanted to say thanks to all the help and advise thats been offered from you guys in the mk2 section but my focus is going a deal has been done and im just waiting for my new car to arrive :D its not that i didnt like the focus but my work is moving and ive now got a 40 mile round trip to work so trying to cut down costs. i will be the new owner of a fiesta zetec-s 1.6 tdci so that will keep my running costs down to a minimum but still have a nice looking car till i can get a job around where i live with decent ages incase any one asks the car is getting traded in as is nothing will
  10. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... c&t=166277 metal clips are under the roof linning already if you have a grab handle if not then they come with the kit from ford :wink:
  11. :? ehhhhh once adjusted adaptive lighting lenses stay where set on a car without the self leveling system aswell :? and if your lights are from a non uk car you will need them alligned properly flickin the switch moves the are in the lense stopping the lights shining to far to the right but have no effect on the hight of the beam. your car will sit at a different hight from the st they were removed from and from a different country (i think if you had to switch the uk switch) with no doubt different regulatins regarding bean hights and angles ect but any kwikfit , nts ect ect can adjust
  12. yes mate they fit 3 door and 5 door :wink:
  13. :D :D . 8) 8) 8) :lol: :lol: :D :D just a shame the black isnt as nice as the rest of the colour range :twisted: :popcorn2
  14. ever mk2 with the ms design kit i have seen has this mate except the black ones. yours doesnt stand out as much as mine :lol: and mine was done at ford. i have noticed tho if you buy a ford rattle can it matches the colour spot on :?
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