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  1. Yes, we did. :) Just waiting for a delivery date as it has to be factory made due to the extras that DH wanted. Fingers crossed in a years time we will have an S-Max for him and a C-Max for me :)
  2. Thanks. I saw one in our local showroom when we went in to discuss ordering our S-Max but unfortunately it had been sold that morning so it was all locked up and I couldn't get a proper look at the interior.
  3. Neither does the S-Max ad. Pretty rubbish really.
  4. Seems odd that people are ordering new cars without full details of what is included and prices. But maybe that's just me.
  5. There is one on the C-Max. It's on the drivers side where the grab handle would be. Pretty sure it is on the current Zetec, and will be on the new models as well. Not sure about when they added it though.
  6. So do you have a FULL brochure and pricelist? All I could get from Bedford was the preview brochure which doesn't have details on EXACTLY what is included on each model and how much options are.
  7. Not likely unfortunately. Due to have my baby on 14th May and am pretty much housebound due to pregnancy problems (hence I didn't go with hubby and son to look at cars yesterday)
  8. Yesterday hubby took our son out looking at cars (he's trying to see some different S-Max interiors) and he reported two local to us that have the new 2007 C-Max in the showroom. They were the Aylesbury and Dunstable ones. Thought this might be of interest to those wanting to see the new one. I would imagine other places will start getting them in. (excited, but facing the fact that I'm most likely going to have to wait till next year to get one :( )
  9. Ah, okay. Thanks :) (thinking of getting them as an option in our S-Max)
  10. Hubby is determined NOT to have them on his new S-Max where they are an option as our son has ruined the ones on our Xsara Picasso by doing this!
  11. Do isofix seats just clip into the C-Max or do you need to use a tether as well? Have recently discovered that our Britax seat which we have used for nearly 3 years in our Picasso should have had a tether as well. Seems to defeat the whole point of isofix!
  12. Is it cheaper to replace the standard Ford one with this than to specify the Sony 6 one as an option when buying the car new?
  13. We are going to wait for the new model - and most likely wait till the beginning of next year. Hubby is going to get his S-Max now and then I'll get the C-Max later. Unless of course we can get an INCREDIBLY good deal from a dealer by buying both at once!!! Went round a few dealers today and one of them actually had the preview brochure for the new C-Max. Literally only just: he had to open a packet of them to get one for me!
  14. Whilst I don't have a cmax (yet) I do have a Xsara Picasso and put the sat nav on the same triangular window.
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