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  1. I got the Ford ones with the Focus logo on in mine (dealer threw the styling pack in as I said I wanted car mats) and they look great.
  2. Picked mine up on Sat, built in Germany.
  3. It is the C-max interior, the article says they will be taking some design elements from it for the focus but that the materials used will be upgraded
  4. This is being billed as the mid-life facelift
  5. The crease on the sides remind me of the BMW 1 series, which is probably why i don't like them.
  6. As title, just seen the Mk3 Focus in this weeks Auto Express, and i'm not sure whether I like it. I definately like the front end (apart from the Mondeo-like chrome strip at the front of the bonnet) I dont like the new rear (hate the new lights) and I donnt really like the new crease running along the shoulder of the car. Has anyone else seen it, and what do you think if you have?
  7. Mines in, went and had a look today. Not picking it up until next weekend though.
  8. Must have come out of the compound, I know when i first made enquiries about the car a couple of weeks before ordering they had 2 in there.
  9. Mine should be turning up this week too, given date of 16th. Its in the country now! :D
  10. My mate works at a ford dealership and has a black one as his company car at the moment, looks really nice but he's also suffering with a leaking roof.
  11. I actually quite like the look of them myself
  12. I use BP ultimate in my puma as it gets me about 40 miles extra per tank (haven't picked up my focus yet)
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