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  1. I'm getting a bit fed up of trailing wires and thinking of wiring in my TomTom PDA, anyone done this before and can point me in the easiest way of tapping into the existing wiring? Thanks in advance Simon
  2. I've heard of an internal bike rack for the cmax, does anyone have any experience of this? How does it fit and how many bikes does it hold. And more to the point, anybody got one they don't want anymore? Cheers Simon
  3. Hmm, same happened to me yesterday (no bang though). Steering Assist Failure, no speedo and the ABS & brake warning lights on - car drives normally though all other gauges (rev counter, fuel & tem) work fine. Switched car on this morning and no warnings and everything back to normal. To think I traded in an Alfa Romeo, noted for dubious electrics, for this heap!
  4. OK, I've read all the posts on how to install footwell lights, but, on my Zetec the bulb holders aren't already in place. Are they tucked away there or are they not present on all Zetecs?
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