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  1. I just don't clean my wheels to get the anthracite effect for free :lol:
  2. I had this on my old (Mk1) Focus, when I had my windscreen replaced by Autoglass they hadn't plugged the element back in underneath the panel below the windscreen, might be worth checking that if it isn't a fuse.
  3. If it's not working count yourself lucky, right pain in the backside they are.
  4. Having picked a stick up in mine a couple of weeks ago it's got all smashed up and needs replacing. (Passenger side front wheel) Anyone got any idea if this is easy enough, I.E. taking the wheel off unscrewing some screws and replacing, or is it a more in depth thing which Ford's would be better off doing? And of course if anyone knows how much a new one costs that would be sooper! Cheers!
  5. My mistake it is a TDCi I just wrote it in a rush :oops: And yeah, 2007 1.8 engine, had it done a couple of weeks back now, just a wiring loom by all accounts.
  6. Anybody else get this? Mine's an 07 1.8 TDDi gotta book it in tomorrow :?
  7. I'm going away next weekend and am looking for the standard fit roof bars for my MK2, now instead of buying some I was wondering whether my old dears roof bars, (2005 MK3 Mondeo Hatch) would fit? Would save me some hassle and cash. Thanks in advance.
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