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  1. HII, Well i have the car back and its exactly the same as when i dropped it off, Ford say its fine!!?? LOL These guys are jokers!
  2. Ohh right I see, thanks benhaha!! Well its still in Ford, the guy working on it has gone off sick and apparently no one else in the work place knows how to take out the gear box in a new mondeo lol !???!? Sounds like rubbish to me! I've had to fight for a courtesy car, finally got one with no charge ! lol - 58reg fiesta - not bad tbh. Its been one week so far and its still in parts, will let you know when i pick it up!! Thanks B
  3. your the second person who said that about the starter motor, how come that needs to be changed? As i will ask Ford if they have changed that also! Thanks! B
  4. :( Well its been day 2 and its still in Ford!! Can't believe it though, the guy told me it was the flywheel but said " bring it back when the gear box is about to fall out" I of course didnt like that and demanded it done now :D Will let you know when its back! Thanks all! B
  5. Hi all, I posted up a few months back that I had a lovely new 58 reg Mondeo 2ltr diesel - Which is amazinggggg!! Last few weeks I've noticed a 'clonk' when turning off the engine, after taking it in last week they tell me i need a new Dual Mass Flywheel - Clutch - Gearbox !! :| The cars 13months old, 10k miles on the clock!!! Thankfully its under warranty! Is this common on the Mondeo cars?
  6. Yeah, my focus passed its MOT without the ajuster working, just set the lights straight ahead! No probs :D B
  7. haha - well I could give you a hand if you want to ! :wink: B
  8. hi guys, Thanks for the comments! Freddie P, no I haven't sold the hands free kit yet, its on ebay now! (Item number:190333192658) As for the radio, I sold that the other day! Thanks! B
  9. Yeah, its the same as the standard lights, you just get a screw driver and turn a screw on the top which moves the lights, I suppose you could put the car in front a wall and turn the lights on and align them yourself ? Think it only cost me £5 and took 2 mins! Thanks ! B
  10. hi chaps, These lights aren't LED's they are just standard lights which imo look by far better! - The only thing I noticed was when I installed them the level thing inside the car didn't work. - So I went to a garage and paid them a few quid and they aligned them to the straight ahead position (doesn't affect your MOT either). Hope that helps!
  11. Scotty, I had a pair of those head lights in my MK2 Focus... they looked amazing! I didn't get the lights to work with the steering wheel, but that didn't matter as they looked amazing! + Yeah they are a straight swap, took me 10mins each light! WELL WORTH THE MONEY IMO !! Go for it! CHECK MY LITTLE PHOTO ON THE LEFT - YOU WILL SEE THEM THERE. Cheers, B
  12. thanks for the replies! Yeah its a crackerrrr to drive! The headlights went with the car, i traded them in with the lights. All my other bits are on ebay: Flip key fob aux cable mk2.5 rear bumper + lights Parrot hands free kit sony mp3 radio chrome gear knob x4 18" alloys (going on soon) Cheers, B
  13. Well i decided to get a new car, i was very close to getting the ST but I kinda wanted something BIGGER... so BIGGER I WENT FOR.. From this.. to this.. FORD MONDEO TITANIUM 2LTR TDCI ESTATE
  14. Hi there, Thanks both :) Panic over :D Adam_Y, yeah, my first motor! Cheers again, B
  15. Hi all, I've been on holiday for the past 2 weeks down in Cornwall with a few mates (also has a focus 1.6 mk1.5 petrol - WOW that is so underpowered compared to the 1.6tdci mk2 :o :o ) Anyway, as I've been driving around Cornwall up and down hills with a car full of lads i've obviously had to shift up and down gear a lot. I was in 5th gear doing about 50mph then started to go up a slight hill, so instead of making the motor struggle I dropped to 4th and it flew up the hill like a train. What I noticed was, as I had my hand resting on the gear stick when in 5th ready to drop down, I gen
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