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  1. who says size does nt matter ? i need two new front tyres for 55 18 lx c max which have 195 65 15 tyres on all round but my local tyre shops computer says no ! the vehicle should have 205 55 16 tyres on what is the correct size ?? cheers
  2. could any one advise me on what milage a cam belt should be replaced on a 55 lx petrol c max cheers
  3. hello all the rear de mister on my 55 lx does nt work due to a lot of broken elememts ive tried the repair fluid but there is to much damage involved does any one know of the procedure involved in a relacement de mister cheers
  4. cheers mate clutch it was had a lot of aggro from the warrenty people as they were only prepared to pay half ,cause it had gone on 30 000 and was half way through its life although it had snapped in half but after a many phone calls got the whole thing paid by the warrenty cheers mate
  5. over the last month the gear box on my 1.8 lx has got more and more difficult to use it started off getting very sticky over about 3,000revs it is now parked up as im unable to select any gear ,it has done 30 000 miles . while the engine is off its ok so any help would be great
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