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  1. It is just another way of making money - it will not work. There are other site to continue with this type of Forum free of charge. I would strongly suggest that other contributors look elsewhere too .
  2. Can anyone advise what recalls Fords have issued from launch of the C-Max? Alternatively is there a definitive Webb site one can visit for this information?
  3. I have a Reg. 04 C-Max 1.6 diesel Ghia Auto. I have parking sensors (back and front) fitted by the previous owner which are connected directly to the battery via an inline fuse. Can anyone advise me how I can reconnect via an auxiliary power source so the parking sensors are on when the ignition is switched on? Is there an existing auxiliary fused output accessible?
  4. I have had a C-Max 1.6 tdi auto for 14 months. Generally the car is very responsive, that is after getting used to the odd combination tdi and auto box which provides a seamless speed progression. It makes best used of rpm v torque. I averaged on a trip to St Andrews (440 miles) 57mpg, albeit 80% motorway at 70-80 mph and other road keeping to speed limits - and used the cruse control most the time. Local trips I seem to average between 40 and 45 mpg - my trip idicates average seed at 21 mph. I am pleased with the returns.
  5. Confirmed the EGR valve on 1.6 is located behind engine as described by 1955diesel. This also confirms why on Discovery Tdis people unplug their EGR valve only to improve performance, however, it was explained to me that the valve has to be reconnected for MOT. Should Andy carry out this modification, I would be very interested in the outcome
  6. I have had a C-Max 1.6 tdi auto for 14 months. Generally the car is very responsive, that is after getting used to the odd combination tdi and auto box which provides a seamless speed progression. It makes best used of rpm v torque. The area you seem to be concerned is with the initial pull-away – this is where you have to make allowances. If you heavy with right foot you can overcome the slight hesitation (flat spot) at 1700 rpm. However, if you ease back on the throttle it can be slightly worrying when the car seems to hit a flat spot – this will be for a brief moment and thereafter a
  7. Can anybody advise the best way of connecting an accessory so when the Ignition is switched off the 12 volt feed is also isolated. I am trying to rewire Front Parking Aid (Cobra) which is currently connected via a fuze direct to the battery terminal. The circuit is also switched so the PA is not functional when in driving mode. Basically I would like to be sure that when the car is parked and locked up that there is no chance that the PA could be left on.
  8. I reversed into a brick wall in my front garden, the parking aid was working fine the buzzer did not register at the time - I am also deaf and not sure whether my hearing aids were switched on at the time. I must admit it I felt p----- off at the time . :cry:
  9. This might be of use: Front Brake Disc Specification Brake disc diameter Ä vehicles with 2.0L engine, 1.6L diesel or 2.0L diesel 300mm Brake disc diameter Ä vehicles with 1.6L or 1.8L engine 278mm New brake disc nominal thickness 25mm Worn brake disc discard thickness 23 mm Maximum brake disc thickness variation 0.025 mm Worn brake pad discard thickness
  10. This sounds a good idea - I would be interested in the details of the above, please.
  11. Rob, I agree totally with the above - there has to be a point behind FFOC, not just members sounding off. FMC don't pay much attention to individual's compaints but should focus on numerious comments on forums similar to this one.
  12. So I thought Fords had resolved the EGR valve with a redsign - for 1955diesel to have two replacements in one/two years is too much to take. This is what to expect - So many C-Max problems - unresolved issues etc.
  13. RTV & Rob, I have had the Auto gearbox replaced at 30K under warranty – the dealership was not willing to explain what the cause was, they denied that there was a problem with the Engine & Gearbox combination. It is, as I later found out, common knowledge that there is a problem and as such this configuration is no longer available – how long will the replacement last? The boot lid would open without any one touching it – micro switch – common problem. EPB required attention – problem cured. Rear anti-roll bar ball joints replaced at 32K. Engine hesitates momentari
  14. Rob, What about the old C-Max? You are obviously a big fan of Fords, but it was not the dealers who designed the C-Max it was Fords and they do have a responsibility for putting right the inherent faults they incorporated in the vehicle. Yes, I agree that the concept of C-Max is great - but if they can not get the fundamentals of the design/engineering sorted out for those who are continuously having problems, the vehicle is of no use. OK, you and many others are not experiencing these problems, but when one reads, on this forum, so many complaints on various issues concerning the C-Max (th
  15. So many C-Max problems I only wished I had discovered this Forum before I decided to buy my C-Max 1.6 Tdi Auto. If I had I certainly would have looked at alternative mini MPVs. It seems that there are so many unresolved reported issues (design failures) with the C-Max, I wonder why Fords marketed this variant of the Focus. The ad hoc development of this vehicle by Fords and relying on the owners to find out the shortcomings amounts to nothing less than a con trick. I also wonder whether Fords view this site or not and take notice of the disgruntled customers comments. No doubt othe
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