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  1. Newcott - that is exactly what it feels like. It only started 3-4 weeks ago, but has gotten more frequent since. The car's an 05 plate that I bought used last year, so I'm presuming the original brakes hadn't been changed previously. I'm hoping replacing the front brakes will have fixed it but I'm not feeling 100% confident at the moment. Obviously taking your foot off the brakes and reapplying just increases your risk of skidding especially in this weather, so I'm currently driving like little Miss Daisy! I'm going to watch it over the next few days and see if it happens again - let me
  2. I don't think it was - although this is my first car with ABS I've been driving it for around 8 months and this has only happened in the last few weeks. When it happens it definitely feels wrong - my usual reaction is to release the brake and try again as it doesn't feel like the brakes are biting and feels like the pedal is grinding against the axle or something that's rotating/moving. The last time this happened I was only doing 5-10 MPH as I was coming up to the supermarket car park exit. As you can guess I really don't know much about the inner workings of my car. I've only had the b
  3. I've just had my front brakes done as I was getting a nasty crunching noise and sensation when breaking on rough roads. I'm no mechanic but it felt like the pedal was hitting something that was rotating mainly on the drivers side. I'm worried that this might not be just brake wear + tear. Can anyone give me an idea on whether this is likely or am I just being paranoid?
  4. I know it's sad, but I thought I'd share my TomTom One splash screen Hope you all like! :lol:
  5. Never knew that either! These little extra touches are really quite cool. Maybe the moderators could maintain a list of these hidden features?
  6. I've two versions of the Focus manual - the original 05 one that came with the car and an 06/07 one that I purchased from Allen Ford. The home safe feature is not in the earlier manual - make me wonder what other little secrets my LX may be hiding!
  7. According to the manual the "Home safe feature" is engaged "when the ignition is switched off the headlamps can be switched on (dipped beam) by pulling the lever towards the steering wheel. The headlamps will automatically switch off automatically 30 seconds after the last door is closed". Off to go try it out now...
  8. Cheers Sai - as I guessed they seem to be pretty pointless. The one good thing was that in looking them up I found the home safety lights feature that keeps the headlights on for 30 seconds after the last door is closed.
  9. I know this is probably a stupid question, but what exactly are the parking lamps supposed to do? I've tried switching this on and admittedly from within the car I can't see any lights change. The manual is as useful as ever as doesn't mention anything but how to switch them on.
  10. I don't seem to have received your email - could you try resending it? Thanks!
  11. Hi AFApe - I'd be grateful if you could you email the brochure to me? I'll PM you with my email address, if that's ok.
  12. I have a Sea Gray which looks fantastic even with the basic LX grille - still in the honeymoon period of washing every week! It's a tough call between that and the Aquarius Blue though. I'd love to see Ford do a similar green to the one seen on the new Mazda 2
  13. A friend managed to blow his 12V socket when a five pence piece fell into it and blew the fuse. As I have the cigarette lighter out almost permanently so I can power the TomTom or phone I'm a bit worried the missus might do the same when she's allowed to borrow the car. Is it possible to chance the cigarette lighter so it has one of the black plastic flap covers I've seen on Fusions (and presumably other Foci)?
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