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  1. My local Shell are the same price as Asda and the car runs a hell of a lot better on shell than asda fuel - £1.24 per litre Its a Focus Saloon 2.0 TDCI Titanium X it does 50mpg on the 50mile commute to work but the wifes New CMax 1.6 TDCI 110 makes it look thirsty at over 50mpg when I am allowed to borrow it When she traded in the cmax 1.8 petrol 2 weeks later she said of the TDCI "You never have to fill it up" LOL
  2. Auto express magazine shows the new 7 seat c max due 2010 looks like the brand new focus but taller - well it would eh? LOL Its slightly longer than the current one so the wife wont be buying/parking it then LOL Ignore the one on the web site its an old stretched one .
  3. Jack17, I misread it as the title was privacy glass I assumed (Wrongly) he wanted privacy glass on the front which IS ilegal if it was tinted heavily enough to be of privacy!
  4. Dont know but it is ilegall so a good excuse to have you pulled over!
  5. Anyone know hoe to do this as a search has not found anything ? TIA :)
  6. Me too new fuse blue bulbs doh! {Last Month)
  7. Anyone got anymore info on the change over process for this please ? TIA :)
  8. Thanks does anyone know how to change the unit over though ? :)
  9. Checked my lights today only to discover the drivers side front fog light lense cover is smashed (Gritting Trucks did for the windsreen last year!). Anyway my question is how do I go about changing this ? I assume its a complete replacement as the bulb wont last now? Ford part number and costs would also be helpful if anyone has any info on this it would be great. Thanks in advance Car is A Focus saloon Mk2 same fog light as the hatch....
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