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  1. I think FORD now only have a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on trim and adjustments etc etc. by adjustments they mean rattles and other small things....so cutting the dash is ok (double check first!!!) However combey is right in saying actions or modifications that cause damage to other warrantied parts of the car will not be sorted under the warranty....As everyone else has said a FORD dealer will try its hardest ti avoid paying out on any waranty claims, and FORD themselves have a procedure to be followed by the dealer for warrantied work. Ie ford insist on a DTC code before authorising any work by the d
  2. Sorry to hijack the thread but G1YGJ i see you have the 1.8 engine in your focus. Is it the Duratec HE 1.8.....and if so does it ever "pink" or knock as they call it nowadays, Mine does on light throttle openings and sometimse uphills :cry:
  3. If you google deep enough you can find bad news about every car out there......so I wouldnt worry too much about it. the only advice I can give is avoid Ford dealerships for any work it needs and if you have the 1.6 Tdi engine, change the oil every 6000miles and let the car idle for 30 secs or so before switching off, This engine has turbo problems that can kill an engine off if not looked after well!!
  4. wouldnt mod it whilst its still under warranty mate!!
  5. I have the Duratec HE 1.8 125 bhp and when pushed a little really goes well......I had the 1.6 ZETEC SE in my MK1 Focus and was only just enough in my opinion, so if they still fit it into heavier MK2's I would say it would be underpowered slightly.....If they still do it the VCT 115 bhp 1.6 that may be better....The economy of the 1.8 is around 30mpg on mostly local trips. And I still urge buyers to test drive at 70 mph on a dual carriageway or motorway to see what the RPM's are, Im not sure what your current 2.0l does, but my 1.8 is doing 3200 rpm @ 70 mph , which on motorways is quite high
  6. the only way it could effect the warranty is .....If you scratched the metal body whilst doing it and rust deveolped around that spot. But i wouldnt worry about it at all!!!
  7. I had the mk1 zetec se 1,6 and it was ok for the MK1 but in Mk2 it may not be as nippy, I have the 1.8 duratec HE and its very good apart from the High final drive ratio (3250 rpm @70mph) Remember the new focus is due out very soon (afaik) so therefore may knock the prices of the older ones down. Might be worth finding out the rlease date of the new model, and waiting..... Also remember the aftersales from FORD is "usually" competely rubbish so choose carefully and dont let the dealer dictate what car you can have.....And be also wary of some dealers make you commit to buy the car (ford direct
  8. Your instrument panel has the same crease mine has, just above the S on your pic ....... I guess most focus's will.....Poor really when they say "the focus is as good as VW build" :oops: :oops:
  9. Any guessing what the PERSONALITY values mean...... :?
  10. I have the MK2 1.8 Duratec ztetc climate. and Its not fidgety, but its not as sure footed as my older MK1 focus was. BUT i have the 17" sport rims wuth 205 50 17's on which are pretty wide and dont dig in as well if you get my point......but once its set for the corner it does grip well, and stays set....I hope that makes sense. BUT IT SHOULDNT BE FIDGETY.......
  11. Mines the same, after 1 Mile the temp gauge is in its normal position, and only a minimal heat goming from vents. as normal :wink:
  12. I think my guage does the same, but cant think about if there is heat, will check tonight to see mate.
  13. Thats probably right for a fuel filter from a Ford dealer.
  14. A gen ford or a pattern part.....I paid £40 for oil and filter for mine from fords the robbing buggers. And this time I have paid £17 for the same stuff, at my Independent ford parts retailer
  15. I did post it a while ago, But you want to check out at the bottom of the front wings behind the arch liner.
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