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  1. ALFA it has to be! I like fords, I drive fords, I work for fords, but thats expensive bit of kit.
  2. heheeh slayingfocus, Yes I suspect were annoying them. Just that we have tractor engines. I do miss petrol though! Although you seem to be getting a bit better mpg than me.
  3. Yup had a 1.8p then got a 1.6p noticed about 5mpg gain by having 1.6p....... In the end covering 250+ miles a week just for work got a 2.0D easy gets 55mpg + on a run.
  4. I had this bloody noise on my last car, it kept on setting off the esp system. We'll I never. I wonder if this can be put as a sticky topic.
  5. The set up you have is correct I have this also! If your keyless entry fails, you remove key blade from key holder remote and unlock like you would on a normal car. Similarly on your ignition barrel there is a cover you remove and inset key blade. The passive buttons are for when you exit the vehicle you press the buttons twice to deadlock and if you hold only the drivers button it will lock all the doors. To open the vehicle you just open any of the door handles and it will unlock all doors and steering lock. There is no need for the keyfob in your hand, remains in your pocket or bag.
  6. The set up above is correct. You should have passive buttons on drivers and passengers handles. Only a key lock on drivers side as pictures. It may have been missed at factory. So dealers have added key lock. To remove the cover as you say, open the door inline you will see a cover, remove this and you will find a torq screw behind, undo this and the cover will come, off. Can be a pain to fit back, best to leave alone, The cover on passenger side will not so a keylock as it hasnt been fitted.
  7. silly idea, needs a small engine also........... 100 mile range not worth buying a family car, a fiesta total electric I can understand.
  8. nice one sounds like a 2010.25my spec! power button is great! 8) heated seat can get 2 hot sometimes! but lovely on the lower back as well!
  9. Do you work for the oval? Yes I have heard Ipswich are a good dealership. So the dagenham guy says. I've been dealing with Salisbury who I can recommend, my local dealership, well I won't deal with them.
  10. What was the On The Road price with your discount? Thinking of swapping mine inn for a 2011my.
  11. Going to have to wait 2 years, just brought a house! :( By then i'll have 30k on the clock of my focus.
  12. Tell you what give me a set of 16/17's with high end branded tyres, Your welcome to get my car re-calibrated at your cost and take away my 18's? It's a blue oval, not a prestige car. Chirst.
  13. I agree with your response. A brand new car with 11k on the clock with conti's on should need changing 9.5 months later, at least 18-22k on the clock. Conti sport contact 2, defo too soft for the car. Thats all motorway driving! So a falkin or nexxen will do. I think were forgetting 80% of zetec models have hankok tyres fitted today. It's how budget do you want to go? Also how many taxi's do you get in that have top spec tyres?
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