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  1. Rich/Ronnie As the majority of c-max members are not paid members and only use the forum and not any of the other club benefits. Why don't you offer a forum only subscription to cover your costs. I would be happy to pay for what I use. I also don't mind not receiving any "stuff" in the membership pack or an annual Christmas present as "it does all cost money" I think this is a fair solution for everyone and may prevent the mass migration of the c-max members to other sites. Thanks
  2. Robert, Sorry I don't know if the 2litre diesels are effected. I can't comment of the mpg of the 2litre as I've only ever owned 3 1.6 diesels.
  3. You can get cheap ones on ebay for around ₤50, but as there are lots of fake or unbranded parts on ebay so I bought ours from Ford for around ₤90..
  4. CharlieR, I like the front privacy glass, where did you get it fitted and how much did it cost?
  5. Has anyone made a How-To guide for changing this mate as I'd be interested in doing this to mine. Not that I know of. Chaning the airflow meter is very simple. It fits in line next to the airfilter box. Just undo the jubilee clips and remove, then undo 4 philips screws and exchange the part.
  6. The intercooler pipe cost around £60 plus an hours labour if I remember rightly. It looked very straight forward to change though, just two jubilee clips and one or two bolts. The new pipe is redesigned to prevent it from cracking again and comes with two new flex pipes at either end. You can tell if it's cracked as there will be an oil/dirty residue near the fixing bracket, if you use a screw driver to lever the bracket it will make the hariline crack viable which is caused by a design fault. I've only looked a 4 maxes engine bays and all 4 had a cracked pipe. This could be a wide spread
  7. Ravenger, I keep saying this on here, but there are two things that always fail that cause poor mpg, the air flow meter which you can change yourself and a cracked intercooler pipe (the black one at the front of the engine). I have seen the cracked pipe on the 4 c-maxes I have looked under the bonnet. Fixing these made a 10- 12mpg difference on our 2 c-maxes.
  8. Affected cars were manufacturered between 01/08/2005 28/12/2006 , both ours not effected.
  9. Excellent, was just thinking about this today as I followed a new c-max home. The new lights look very original. Does anyone have a cost ?
  10. Thanks Andy, Without the optional kit to fit to the aero bars how would you fit it?
  11. Can anyone advice on a suitable roof box for the c-max?
  12. The title should read "Newbie without a problem already" Does this forum make people paranoid?
  13. I could be talking rubish here, as I'm only passing on info I saw in a TV program and I can't back it up with anything. May be it only applies to when the car is manufactured and not the MOT regs??
  14. Have you noticed that some new diesels have regular tail pipes which do not point down, the reason for this is that they meet the new emissions regulations and have a particulate trap, All other diesel exhausts must point down to comply with regulations.
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