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  1. Thanks for your help, lets hope we don`t have to many hot days this summer till i manage to get it fixed.
  2. Hi, Can anyone help me with a problem with my air con, when the air con is turned on the unit makes a whining noise, i have taken it to ford and their tech guy told me the bearings had gone in the compressor unit and proceeded to list a whole lot of work and replacement parts, about £1300 worth of work !! Does anyone know if the bearings can be replaced in the unit for a lower price or is it a big job. thanks.
  3. I think the whole of the second hand car market has come down in price, what with everything going up in price, dealers are hungry for sales, my friend at work got a 03 scenic for £3.100 with 20.000 on the clock, full service history etc,
  4. Hi everyone, before i go down to my ford garage with this one has anyone got any ideas. the last couple of days i have had a knocking sound on the passenger side, its not a metal sound more like a plastic sound, i have looked at all the obvious things, glove box, bumper etc there appears no play in the road wheels, but when the steering is turned as if turning right a knocking sound can be heard, but not when you turn left, the car is still under warrenty.
  5. Hi, went down to my local Halfords to get a new pair of windscreen wipers for my Focus today. £40.00 and they have to be ordered in. anybody know of any where cheaper or maybe a site on line ???? thanks.
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