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  1. It was without that chrome surround on the lower grille actually - will have a look and see what we can do on that for you an get back to you
  2. £120 less without painting and yes that includes discount without the chrome surrounds would be £60 less
  3. well we could do the bumper which comes with the standard grilles which is the same as the EP one, chrome fog surrounds and ST fogs AND Painting for £499.95 if thats of interest to anyone - there would be delivery on top depending where you live but would only be about £10
  4. Thanks Tezza i was trying to say you werent quoting more that EP because its not the same part they sell and you quoted for
  5. You do need the ST fogs - they do look pretty much the same but the one on european parts and the one we sell is the accessory - so it comes with the extras, Tezza was quoting for the actual CC bumper which isnt an accessory so is a different price and you need to buy all the bits seperately
  6. The one tezza quoted is the actual CC bumper though isnt it andthe one european parts have is the focus body kit one
  7. How much do they charge for shipping on the bumper? Its the one ford sell as their standard bodykit bumper which comes with the grilles, which we sell for £210 if its the same one, which i am sure it is
  8. We dont do the coding service do but im sure we charge about that for it too unfortunately
  9. Thats what i was saying about the body kit bumper too they need the ST fogs they are £45 each
  10. The cars all come with the abiliity to fix isofix seats with the mounting kit - they have the points that the kit goes into bsically
  11. Its an option new or you can buy the isofix mounting kit its £15
  12. Hi sorry for delay will send you the promo code
  13. Craig the ones on the website are light smoke but they do darker ones now too
  14. Ford do a body kit which looks very like the focus CC bumper although a different part number - You need to change the fog lamps for that too as well as buying the chrome surrounds But that bumper comes with the grille and the actual plastic fog surrounds in the price Thats £210 the fogs are £46 each and then i think it was £150 for the last one we had painted Certainly not cheap
  15. as long as the rolling radius is the same it should be useable
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