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  1. when i had my car i found the system in the focus to be very good. Anyways heres a setup tip, Turn down the bass completly from speakers and have the sub dedicated to the base and let the rest of the speakers worry about top and midrange sound. If you do this your set up will be as good as mine.
  2. Alright anto. Yes black lights are a must. Seats are excellent they have lumbar support. so loads of adjustments, one of them being firmness of seat :)
  3. I picked up my astra 5 door design 1.9 16v metro blue. All i have to say is wow. I took car home and remapped her straight away and car feels very very very very very fast. (private road) about 2miles long i had 140mph(clock) with clock still going and 3 people in the car. I love it so much design is def the choice as it comes with some nice extras. Should be getting cruise and trip activated some time this week. Other mods planned are: vxr front bumper sri exhaust tail pipe maby some 18" wheels although im currently happy with the 17" Irmscher rear stuff such as splitter and spoiler Hell
  4. should be getting my car today. I test drove it yestoday and i have to say is wow. it is rapid.
  5. i payed £500 for a viper cat 1 with remote started that was the fitted price.
  6. probably am going to regret it. But saying that its a newer car, more gadgets and a new project, Oh did i mention it can be tuned to near 200bhp with not alot spent.
  7. im getting the design model. Alot of goodies.
  8. trading it in. Been offered £5500 which aint bad considering its an lx and 70,000 miles on clock
  9. Ok i am trading my mk2 for a 5 door astra 1.9 150 design. Should arrive end of next week. Just like to say thanks for all the help i have recieved. And all the discount. Its a shame to let the focus go but i need change. Again thank you
  10. Nope mate there differnet engines. The 120 is a 8v where as the 150 is a 16v. That would explain why cars so cheap as it wouldnt include sports button, esp, or lowered suspension.
  11. yes go throught the setting on trip computer and change from or to imperial. cant remeber which one but the one which already selected is not the right one so select other option.
  12. are you sure there £10,000?? i cant find any for that price in 3door. Decided to go for a 5door and then going to fit vxr front bumper
  13. the sport switch is to save fuel. When its on it uses more fuel and makes more throttle response basicly it turns ur pedal into a on and off switch. All the sports models have it such as vxr. Because im getting the 150bhp version it gets extra such as esp and sports switch. I believe if i do get it i will make it very sporty but not over the top.
  14. Oh ye i still owe 3years finance on my car thats why it needs to be either a ford or whizzpopper.
  15. One of the reasons i dont want another focus is because of the very very poor service they offered me with my car. ford only offered £4000k for my car which would mean i would have to pay £320 a month over 60months. Ford tryed to rob me basicly. My first choice was going to be a focus ghia but after they tryed to rob me yestoday i went over to whizzpopper and they are actually trying to help me. I really do like my focus but then the astra is growing on me. As for sports button it stiffens the suspension, makes steering heavier, drops revs slightly, makes throttle much more responsive.
  16. Also did i mention ford offered me £4000 and whizzpopper offered £6000 for part exchange for my car.
  17. Clicky Same engine with a remap as the car im getting
  18. cruise control on a focus consits of new steering wheel £60 of ebay plus £300 for new air bag and a dealer to activate of for u thats if the wiring is there, ESP well thats atleast a grand to retro fit, Sports button no such thing on a focus, climate control: have seen a complete system which is £350 but it requires alot of work and a complete dash removal. As for upgrading to a focus ghia = tacky inside personal opinion and dont mean to offend no one. Titanium lacks the above.
  19. im getting the design so it looks pretty good inside. I know what you mean thou the lower spec models look awful. As for performance as i am a ECU remapper and have done 2 150bhp they are very quick as standard and even beter when remapped(185bhp min). Also its got all the goodies: sports suspension sports button :D climate control 17" alloys Part leathers Piano black interior auto lights and wipers ESP fog lights Also alot of cool things can be activated by dealer such as: cruise control which consists of £40 stalk and £10 clutch switch Trip Computer Follow me home Lights Reverse ligh
  20. Been considering changing the focus for a astra design 1.9 diesel 150bhp. Whats your thoughts?
  21. not to happy car seems to rub on full lock! Also i still get engine light :lol: maby i should ring the insurance and let them know
  22. just picked up my car. Have to say i feel like it needs a new clutch after driving such a new car. But apart from that i cant fault it
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