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  1. Hello Just taken the switch completely apart, your idea of water within the switch was spot on, about a tea spoon full or two dripped out of the switch assembly. Got on to my local ford dealer and was given a price of £24 ish !! I thought that £24 was way over the top so I nicked the wife’s hair dryer to dry the switch out and then resealed the rubber cover with silicone seal bath seal so far so good. If anyone feels like me about the price and has time on their hands you could obtain a replacement micro switch for about £5 from rswww.com, looks to me very much like part number 197-7
  2. thanks for that I will give the local dealer a try in the morning thanks again
  3. Had this done to ours when C-Max was about 18 months old. Been fine since. thanks for that, the car is out side of the warranty now but it sounds to me that this water issue is a design fault.Does any one know if Ford will provide a free of charge switch.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I will take a look at the switch. Is the switch a sealed unit can the contacts be polished up to sort the poor connection. Thanks Burt
  5. Hello, Has anybody had problems with their electric lock on their boot opening at random times when driving / parked? Any Help is Greatly Appreciated Many Thanks BURT 8)
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